DC Search- HC Search Debacle Over Again

Submitted by detrocks on January 17th, 2011 at 2:41 PM

For as much complaining that was done during the HC search, what the hell is going on with the DC search?   With recruiting time slipping away, getting a DC on board to speak with our wavering recruits (e.g. Countess, Crawford) would seem to be critical.

As we move into week 2 of the Hoke regime, what could possibly be taking so long?  We have the big free agent in Shannon, who doesn't seem to be moving anywhere at this point.   If we're getting Bedford, why hasn't he moved over yet?   If it's Austin, then there's no excuse as he's just hanging out.   If we're taking a DC from another college team, I'm sure even that team would like to know in order to fill their spot before recruiting.

At this point, the only thing that would make sense to me is if we're taking someone from a team that is/was in the playoffs.   The three most obvious choices in that group would seem to be Greg Mattison (DC, Ravens), Mike Trgovac (DL, Packers) or Jon Hoke (DB, Bears).   But even then, there's nothing stopping any of those guys from accepting a job while still continuing to work with their teams (like Weis did after he took the Florida OC position.

While not at HC frustration yet, this is slowly getting there for me.


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Love...that's the other thing that never fails.

Sometimes you think you've found true love and then you catch the early flight home from San Diego and you catch two people jumping out of your bathroom blindfolded like its a god damn magic show ready to double team your girlfriend


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Translation:  Regardless of whether the coach is 'still coaching' in the playoffs, Michigan can still go after him or show interest.  Look at Florida, they got Jaba the Weis before Kansas City went to the playoffs.

Michigan can't afford to sit around for another week without a DC, especially with limited days of recruiting remaining...

On a side note, I read that Greg Mattison (Ravens DC) was the new buzz...


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Hoke has been here for 6 days and one hour...and the first two-three days he was bombarded by the media and settling in to his new environment.  Aside from that, he has been getting to know his team he has and begin recruiting.


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In his interview on MGoBlue he was asked a similar question and said that he is making sure that the hire is not done under pressure because "we need someone" and instead pick the perfect coach for the job. You wouldn't want a repeat of the Scott Shafer-Gerg carrousel do you?


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I would like to see this thing get taken care of soon as well. My thought on it is upon finding a DC maybe it is taking a minute to fill out the other position coaches. These guys typically don't leave with the DC so it may take some time to cherry pick a staff off of other teams.


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I am sure Coach Hoke is unaware that signing day is approaching and is just dragging his feet in order to bug fans.  Instead, he is probably using his time to hit up Pizza House and Mr. Spots (which is what I do when I get back in AA for a short period of time).  Cut the guy some slack.  He is working harder than all of us today at making this football team great again.


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Hoke is actually working...making his voice more raspish (sp?) in the process.  Unlike mgobloggers, who apparently have nothing better to do than post useless comments about anything semi-related to life.