DB Shaq Wiggins to Georgia

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TOMVH twitted that Georgia cornerback has committed to UGA. That's unfortunate as I thought we had a legitimate shot at landing him,


2013 DB Shaq Wiggins RT @RadiNabulsi: Just committed to#Georgia “@ShaqWiggins21: I put RED ON ALL MY SHOES... Ima G



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I'm not very happy about this. I mean obviously good for him and I wish him the best of luck. I wish we had pursued him more heavily. I really would've liked to see him in our secondary. I have a feeling that he'll be one of the players I continue following through out his career like I am with Watkins and what I'm going to do with Garnett. Georgia is getting a really good player.


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That's a bummer, but it sounds like we're in on a good handful of CBs, and Jourdan Lewis could very possibly be an upcoming commit.  If we take 2 CBs and Lewis commits, that will allow us to be pretty picky with the last guy.


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I think Michigan coaches valued a few other guys a little higher than Wiggins. Maybe they feel they have a legit shot at Kendal Fuller? If you look at Mattison's corner's throughout his career, he's always liked them on the taller side. With some recruiting people saying that Wiggins might not quite be 5'10, I could see them looking in another direction. But, I do agree with what some others have said, he has a great deal of potential. He does need to work on his speed, some have said he's not as fluid as they'd like to have him, and he plays slower than he actually is, because of his stiffness. Those are all things a top notch coaching staff could work through. 

If you look at his tackling and his over all field presence, there is a lot to like. Good luck to the kid. mark Richt may not have the NC's to make everyone happy, but he's brought a lot of kids into that program, and they left better men.


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DG @DGDestroys

Shaq Wiggins just committed to Georgia. Kinda sucks, but something tells me this one isn't over yet. (Not implying b/c of Michigan)

DG @DGDestroys

Some will blame the coaching staff for whiffing on this one..partially true, but hindsight is 20/20

DG @DGDestroys

His sophomore highlights and weight didn't show the top notch prospect that his junior year did. Understandable they didn't push harder


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Lol when he got offers from Auburn and UGA, I figured our chances were pretty slim, but I didn't expect him to commit so soon. WRT to my first tweet, I'm looking at it like this...

He visited Michigan for the OSU game and almost committed (without an offer). Then he named Tennessee his leader after another visit. Then, within a couple weeks of landing his UGA offer, he commits on the visit. I'm not implying Jordan Payton levels of wishy-washiness, and it certainly doesn't hurt that this is the home town school, but something tells me it isn't over yet. Could be an SEC battle approaching NSD next year. 


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I have three tabs up on my computer at all times, TideFans, Talk of Champions, and lately, MgoBlog. I also glance at the SEC teams forums/blogs quite often, because I love seeing peoples reactions to things. I follow recruiting a great deal, and I can tell you, MgoBlog is one of the best sites in the country.


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Well I think everybody here is glad to have you.  You definitely know what you're talking about and it's always nice to have an outsider's opinion, especially when they aren't immature and bias (like MSU and OSU forums).

Bo Knows

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Interesting, just getting Lewis and an as of this point unknown solid 3 stari-ish guy would be fine with me.  Kendall Fuller would just be phenomenal, I'm not getting my hopes up for him though.


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Our CB recruiting has been pretty solid lately.  Terry Richardson is a very good pick-up, and the class before his had three guys who all saw time as true frosh (Countess, Taylor and Hollowell), one of whom is already a starter.  Not to mention Tamani Carter redshirted, and although many thought he was a safety, bringing in three solid safeties in this class might change that. 


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Huh, that's interesting.  I would think it's not, only because Hollowell and especially Countess are almost certainly CB-only type guys, and if DB was to signify that the player was CB/S, you'd think Woolfolk would be in that group. 

EDIT:  Looking at the two groups again, it looks like the main thing in common is recruiting class.  The guys listed as DB are all the 2011 guys, whereas everyone else is at least one year above.  Whoever added those guys to the roster must have chosen a different position name.