DB Reeves has PSU "slighty ahead" of UM

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So, not to put a damper on the great Standifer news, but ESPN Insider Rumors page points to a pay-walled Rivals article that states Armani Reeves has Penn State slightly ahead of Michigan because of the opportunity to play both ways (DB and WR). Surprised Michigan wouldn't give him that same chance, but he says Michigan only wants him at CB. 

Paging Mr. Morgan...Mr. Morgan you have a telephone call at the front desk.



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...I am no longer worried about any single commit.

Hoke will keep going, and simply fill the spot with someone of equal or better quality.

Frankly, if Reeves is waiting...he may have no other choice than PSU. 


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After his freshman year and leading his team to a state championship, he was considered the TOP recruit in his class for the entire state of Ohio - that shows how highly he was considered.  Then he had some injuries and didn't really move up while others did.  He's a legacy kid, has always loved Michigan.  We can assume he'll be a little better when fully healthy and that is good enough for our team, for sure.  But also, this kid supposedly is a real hard worker and dedicated blue - you want those kind of people on your team to hold the team together.  That is the lowest ceiling for him, but the highest ceiling is a little unknown seeing that he hasn't been too healthy the last two years.


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every even remotely negative comment about a recruit as flaming.  The "don't take shots at 18 year old kids" rule is a good one both because it's mean and because it's counterproductive, but all the post said was that he was surprised Gant got such an early offer.  There's a difference between potshots and actual evaluation of the player, and "I'm not sure he was worthy of an early offer" is the latter (Magnus was a lot harsher than that in his evaluation).


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would get defensive about a Michigan recruit and gant from all accounts seems like a real nice kid. I'm aware about his hamstring injuries and what he did his freshman year at Southview. But looking at his film, I didn't think it warranted an early offer espically when we are on some great DB prospects like Reeves and Morgan. 

Space Coyote

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I understand what you're saying, but being purely a sunshine blower is counterproductive as well.  I don't think there is anything wrong with talking about a recruits weaker points and even being pessimistic or thinking other recruits are better.  I think having an opinion on these things is natural and to be limited to only saying every recruit is great is very close-minded and unrealistic.  The recruiting sites don't give every kid 5-stars for a reason.  Hopefully the doubt in the fanbase would only make the recruit want to be better, because frankly, if they turn out to be good, the fanbase will love them regardless of their impressions when the kid was recruited.

I think respect is the key thing when talking about recruits.  Not every recruit is the best ever.  Most have flaws and some aren't better than others, but you can still be negative about a recruit in a respectful way and hope for the best and that the coaches know something better.  I don't think someone on a blog will turn a kid off from a school at this point in the process as long as they are respectful and not hateful.

Buck Shaner

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But it is pretty hard for me to question the motive with the success Hoke has alreay had on the recruiting trail this early. Additionally, there is a lot to be said for a legacy offer for the new staff to further tie themselves to Michigan's storied past


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is the one that really bothers me.  Either someone is good enough to play at a program like Michigan, or they're not (this is not in any way intended as a commentary on whether Gant actually is good enough: I'm not qualified to judge).  

Having family ties to the school doesn't help a team win football games.  I hope that the staff decided that Gant was worthy of an early offer because they thought he was a good enough football player, not because of who he was related to.


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I think whether or not legacy affects their performance is debateable.  I know if I were offered and played for the school that my father went to, that'd be extra motivation to perform well (i.e. an 'intangible' asset).

Sure, it's not good to go around offering every former players' sons scholarships, but it in no way is a bad thing.  At the very worst case, it's neutral that his father played for U-M, at best it's a tool for motivation and will help him push himself harder as both an athlete and a student.


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there's no need to make a jerky comment to some kid who dares have someone else ahead of Michigan.

Also it's likely a moot point once Morgan announces. Michigan isn't taking more than four DBs in this class.


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This is purely speculation on my part, but based on class size, any QB we take is likely going to be a QB/Ath that we can convert to a WR or something else. Doesn't make sense given that we have Morris locked up for next year and we need to micromanage the spots we have left to ensure we provide depth in the trenches.


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If Reeves prefers PSU that's fine, but he might want to rethink his decision if the deciding factor is a promise by the current PSU coaching staff that he can play both ways. 2011 easily could be Joe Pa's last year.


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Michigan has had a few players play both ways before, heck we've had a few DB's play 2 ways before, double-heck, we've had kids play 2 sports before, triple-heck, we're recruiting a lineman who wants to play 2 sports right now! I respect Reeves leanings, but his reasoning? Not so much.

I Bleed Maize …

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and I'm happy.  If Reeves likes PSU slightly more than I wish him success there.  There is no reason to worry over one commit, with the way this class is filling up.  Either you want to be a Wolverine or you don't.  Didn't they get the memo that Michigan is the Texas of the midwest when it comes to recruiting (lol)


June 2nd, 2011 at 8:48 AM ^

So, wait.....what in the heck is the latest on Morgan?  I thought it would be blatantly visible somewhere but must have missed it.

His announcement was originally yesterday but moved a while back to today......now I'm not sure of any of the details.  Is it a tentative situation?