Is DB having a presser on the NCAA?

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I was curious that I haven't heard about  Michigan hold a "Piss off" press conference today.   I would have thunk DB would be out front declaring a great day blah blah blah before he got 94 idiots  questioning him about  RR's job security.

Is Michigan just going to let this end quietly?



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This thread is now "Dave Brandon is fucking awesome" general.

Has anybody been following this press conference/Tim's tweets? It's absurd:

Mary Sue Coleman: "This case may not be as sensational as other major infractions cases."

Dave Brandon: Detailed and thorough investigation proves that Freep report was intentionally misleading.

Brandon inviting reporters to read the rulebook if they want to know why charges are what they are.

(Drew) Sharp: Are violations grounds for firing the coach? Brandon: No, like I've been saying for months

Brandon: this is a very serious matter for the University, but the specific issues themselves aren't as serious as originally portrayed.

Keepin' that pimp hand strong!


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With a phalanx of Spesnatz and KGB troops standing over him to make sure he swallows every freaking slice. They've got a bottle of antifreeze taken from an old MIG-21 to help him wash it down.


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But, aren't  Sharp and Rosenburg just going to write their columns anyway.? IE Brandon doesn't take this stuff seriously and we were right.  Major infractions were committed and we brought it to light. 

I just see the Freep writers twisting his words unfairly.

Don't pay attention to the fact we said 40 hours a week of countable hours and thus 20 hours over a week , and it ended it being 20 minutes.  We can't determine between countable and uncountable hours and basically, twisted incoming freshman's words without their knowledge.


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What he said to Drew Sharp: "No. Like I've been saying for months."

What he really wanted to say to Drew Sharp: "No. Like I've been saying for months, but fucking morons like yourself are too goddamn stupid to understand basic English."


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I dislike Drew Sharp as much as the next guy, but the original reports that the fifth charge was dropped are technically false.  The fifth charge was reduced from "failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance" to "failure to monitor" or something along those lines.

There were indeed still five and of course the Freep guys wanted to make sure to point that out.

Section 1

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Have you read the Public Infractions Report?  It is not very understandable.  But as I read it, "the head coach," "Coach Rodriguez," etc., is not mentioned anywhere in part V., pages 11 - 15 of the Report.

I am trying to figure out why anybody is claiming that Rich Rodriguez was found to have committed any violation in that regard. 

What the fuck is Drew Sharp talking about? 


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ESPN_BigTenRich: "It can no longer be used as a thing hanging over the program from a negative recruiting standpoint.”


Are there any recruits that were waiting to see what the final punishment would be?  Is there anyone in particular that this helps us with?


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Dave Brandon = Ass kicking awesome


Ok, MSM, have at it today and then shut the fuck up about this. It's over. And Freep, stop writing incredibly misleading headlines to bolster your credibility and readership ("NCAA adds another year of probation for U-M"). You want Michigan to admit our mistakes? We did. Now how about you do the same thing? 


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DB did a great job of maintaining a tone of seriousness while stressing the original report was bullshit and we are dealing with streching and warm up.  I am very proud to have him as our AD.  The Dept.  handled this thing very well IMO.


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Rothstein is at the press conference and has a live chat going at Couple of items:

  • He pointed out that the probation starts today and runs through Nov. 3, 2013.
  • Rodriguez said that Michigan has already taken the hit on 32 of the 130 hours of reduced "activity."

Also found this in another report:

Asked if even with the lesser charge, if the five violations were grounds for Rodriguez to be fired. Brandon said he said before the process started that he did not believe there was anything charged by the NCAA that would change Rodriguez's status.
He said after Thursday's findings, he looks at Rodriguez's job security "in a more positive light."


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If we make a bowl game, could this extra practice time influence the "reduced activity" criteria that we need to meet?  In other words, does making a bowl enhance our ability to shed off these hours based on the extra month of practices we get?


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But isn't it only something like 15 extra practices that teams get for a bowl game?  At least that's what I heard/read somewhere.  If there's already a plan and schedule in place, and with every win being precious, I would hope that we would use the full time allotted to prepare for a bowl game.


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the reduced hours are not a reduction of current allowable but repayment of overage. meaning the bowl practice hours can be used in full, or reduced if desired, with no repercussions. if anything, making a bowl would allow UM to only use 12-13 and contribute 2-3 hours to the "repayment fund."

what i mean is that there's no requirement we remove X amount of hours from our weekly allotment. technically they could choose to not practice all week next week and count those hours towards the 130. they're just being repaid within a system to not force drastic reductions. it's not a lean against the allowables or anything. UM crafted the manner in which they would pay back those hours.

did anything i just typed make sense?