DB could be set for years

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With top 50 Garrett Taylor's tweet stating UM is no. 1 for his signature, an announcement that he could make w/in next 2 to 3 wks, I couldn't stop but consider-despite whether he pulls for us or not- if UM has ever had this much quality depth at one time. Because it has been proven that stars do matter, I am including a list of all those with four star ratings along w/Peppers, although some will not play as such, there are 3*s that will play to the higher caliber so considering this, I don't think I would be off-base to suggest we should get 4* performance throughout.  Such quality depth and individual strengths as to speed, superior size, closing speed, coverage and anticipation, etc., our coaches will able to field a back 4, at times 5,designed "theortically at least" to more-than-adequately defend any type offense we face.                                               ^I am confining this list to those that should, barring injury,give us at minimum two years on filed contribution. I am certain I have missed a couple but when one considers the following names and none will have less than  two years eligibility, it is quite impressive.  As you are aware, I am unable to do paragraphs or breaks of any nature on this site, I will; therefore, merely give you the list of names in a sentence like format:                            ^The 13 rated at least 4*(impressive total) w/two or more years eligibility are:  Peppers, Lewis, Countess, Wilson, Avery,  J.Clark, D. Thomas, R. Douglass, Hill, Crawford, Kinnel and Taylor.  As stated above, running out of our traditional 43, this provides a depth chart of 3 deep, all rated at 4* or above. I cannot recall a time in recent memory, although I am sure Bo may have been able to field like backfields with the extra 30 players alloted.  Quite impressive, indeed.



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I will admit I instantly thought, DB (Dave Brandon) was getting a raise when I clicked on this.


I honestly can not remember the last time there was this much depth in the secondary in terms of potential.  Can not wait until the potential turns into on field success.  Just have to be patient.

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Defensive Back.  Not Dave Brandon.

Although I don't ever recall "DB" being a good abbreviation for "defensive backfield."

Of course it's the Twitter generation that insists on widesread use of initials for personal references.  I'd have never thought of referring to Brandon, Hoke, or mostly anybody else by their initials, unless they were a President or a Kennedy.  That is, not until texting and Twitter.  


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Not sure where you got your info but Avery is gone and Clark was a 3 star.  Also you said 13 4* but only listed 12 players.  I don't dispute the fact that we have great depth though.  

edit: and Douglas has been moved to RB, at least for the time being.


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There is reason to believe that some of the struggles we saw last year were growing pains more than signs of a lack of ability. And you almost have to think four good starters can be found if the players in the group you list are all healthy and on campus at the same time...I feel you on not being able to make paragraphs. Can't do it with the devive I'm posting with at the moment either.


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Avery and Douglass should not be on your list. Also, I'm not sure why Clark makes the list, but not Stribs who actually flashed impact ability. I also personally am excited about Watson. Is there a reason Dawson was left off?


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pretty sure if you check the teams of 90s and early 00s they were stacked with talent.  sure theres some young talented kids at DB but most have not played at all yet.  honestly given the total number of "4 stars" in given year across all positions then everyone should expect um to have a roster comprised of "4 stars" when broken down over 4-5 years/classes....all great teams have this depth across the board as um used to have yrs ago and currently building....but the tipping point will always be getting those truly elite recruits and different makers (like top 5 or so at their position),  the depth helps and is necessity but tough to win rings without game changers (peppers is a good start).   **unfortunately the best DBs in the world and loaded back 7s mean very little if your DL cannot dominate 1v1 matchups and scare QBs / OCs.   um really needs to recruit or pray they somehow develop consistently talented 2 deeps on DL....ie this year and next year should be the years guys like wormley, ojemudia, stroebel, godin, etc show up and begin terrorizing QBs....tough to field upper tier DL when large classes of 5-7 experienced kids cannot consistently win 1v1 matchups and impact games.   hopefully those dudes are monsters this year, along with younger kids, but its yet to be proven - similar to fairly highly rated DBs 


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Shari Acho again made a huge impact on him with the academic presentation. Also said Michigan was the most prepared when it came to the academic part of the visit.


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Run on sentences were first introduced for the reading impaired. Not really much I can do to help you if you didn't read that and realize we're loaded in the defensive backfiled. Sorry about your early education bro.

Mr Miggle

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Insulting people isn't the way to do so. He didn't insult you. He simply suggested an easy way to impove your writing.

Frankly, I think that's a lost cause. Your inability to create paragrasphs is the least of the issues with your OP. Did you read it? I found myself just skipping through it, because it was so poorly written. I do have to ask how you made the list of players. You included a 3* player whose eligibility expired, a senior, another player that no one had as a four star, etc. Such sloppy work compounded with your writing is guaranteed to generate criticism. If you can't take it, make better posts.


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I liked that Lewis and Stribbling got so much PT last year, even if they and the rest of the secondary struggled at times. Raymon Taylor had some growing pains when Countess went down but has since turned into a pretty good corner. Without that real playing time, guys like Stribbling and Lewis may be practice all-stars but they won't have game film for the coaches to break down with them and use to fix their technique.

Safety may still be light on numbers but there always seems to be guys moving over there from CB.