Dayne Crist to Wisconsin?

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Word on other message boards (Scout, Rivals, NDNation) is that Dayne Crist is going to transfer to Wisconsin. Not as big as a get for Wisconsin as Wilson was but Crist is probably better than any other QB on that roster after Wilson leaves. Crist has 1 year of elgibility and will be able to transfer and play immediately just as Wilson did. He'd be able to play in ND's bowl game and then transfer in time for spring semester and be able to participate in spring practices.

If Rees decides to transfer too, it'd be pretty bad for ND. The ND depth chart at QB would be Hendrix and.... Not exactly the depth you would want when your QB is scrambling and taking hits as often as Hendrix would. 

You have to love Brian Kelly burning bridges.

What does the board think?



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Reported on the frontpage. ... That said, Wisconsin is going to have to start a QB without experience eventually, right? RIGHT?


Also, under what theory would Rees consider transfering? Is he not the overwhelming favorite to start again next year?


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Crist would transfer under the same rule/loophole that Russel Wilson used this year. Jeremiah Massoli used it a couple years ago at Ole Miss. Pretty much the rule is:

If you've redshirted and will be a 5th year senior

Who already graduated with a Bachelors Degree

And you are transferring to a school that offers a Masters program that your current school does not offer....

Boom! You're a free agent! Pick a school, any school, with some random Masters program that your undergrad school doesn't have and you can transfer and play anywhere, right away without sitting out for a year. You have 1 year of eligibility (your 5th year) and can go pretty much anywhere.


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All Bielema would have to do get him there would be to tell him that if his brain has been turned to pudding he won't put him back in the game.


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Brian Kelly's stay in ND so far has been a bumpy road for sure. Hope he makes ND some what relavent again so our wins against them mean a little more. Doesn't hurt my feelings at all though that one of our rivals could be very thin at QB next year.


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If nothing else, Bielema's head does not turn purple with rage, at least not that I have witnessed. I suppose that alone is a positive.

Kelly flamethrows bridges, from the looks of it.


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How would Crist be able to start immediately? I thought the only reason Wilson could was because he had a degree, but also that he was released from the team and it wasn't an actual transfer


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I was not against Wilson's transfer. Sounds like NC State was not allowing him to continue with baseball.
<br>That being said, I would hate for this to be a pattern.

Section 1

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is to have Crist play in 2012.

Then, they will have George Blanda play in 2013.

2104 will feature Earl Morral, and 2015 will be either Joe Kapp or Darryl Lamonica.

Clearing the way for a battle for the starting QB job between Bret Farve (if he is not then signed with an NFL team) and Bob Griese in 2016.

All have one year of eligibility and will be able to play one year for Wisconsin under current rules.

There is a rumor that Hopalong Cassady will also play for the Badgers, but Ohio State will have to release him from his final year of eligibility in Columbus. 

J. Lichty

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after briefly flirting with RR at M.

Also, former D-backfield whipping boy, now NFLer Ryan Mundy did the same thing at WVU.

While I typically dont like such things, it would be a great move for Crist.  Wisconsin loses a lot of guys this year so it may help keep them relevant without having to break in a young QB along with a younger team next year.

I would think at some point that Wisconsin's activity in free agency will catch up with them by turning off young quarterbacks who see that Wisconsin will just go out shopping for 5th year senior free agents each year.

I Wrote a 4 Wo…

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I think if someone told me the story and said, "One old guy tried to hand another old guy an olive branch to symbolize peace and they ended up fist fighting while swinging their canes at each other," I'd laugh & think it was funny.

Actually seeing it, this is just sad. For real. Yeah sports are intense, and rivalries are intense, and competitiveness doesn't really go away, but what a truly sad embarassment. Seriously think about what either of these people would tell their grandson who saw this: "He did something almost 50 years ago that neither of us can get over so we acted like how you'd get in trouble if you acted." I might get negged for this, as I'm sure a lot of people just think it's awesome, but this is for real just depressing that two guys in their 70's are willing to fist fight & swing canes violently at each other because a football game that happened nearly 4 decades ago.


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I know it's just a convenient loophole to gettting an experienced qb... but they must really not like Jon Budmyar.

Wonder who they're looking at for 2013


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His coach was outraged that he missed spring practices to play minor league baseball. He thought this would sabotage his productivity, despite the fact that he did the same thing the season before, for the same coach, and had the best year of any NC State QB since Philip Rivers.


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If I recall correctly, the second string quarterback was also making noises about transferring, plus there was a possibility Wilson would turn pro in baseball and not be back at all.  It was not a good situation for the coach to be in, because he faced the possibility of losing his backup qb with no guarantee that Wison would be back.


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It has long been known Crist was going/thinking about transferring. Florida is another possibility.

Rees is probably not going anywhere, since he had very limited options before being offered by ND, but I do expect him to be the #2 QB next year behind Hendrix/Golson.


This one really is not on Brian Kelly for you haters. Crist never lived up to the hype and was a better QB on the practice field than in a game.


/ND grad student


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wait, even if ND releases Crist, why wouldn't he have to sit out a year? You still have to be released with a transfer right? A bit ignorant on this stuff sorry.