Dayne Crist to transfer to Kansas

Submitted by MGoChippewa on December 22nd, 2011 at 12:06 PM

In a somewhat surprising move(or it may not be, haven't followed closely) Dayne Crist has decided to play his final year of collegiate football at Kansas.  I'm sure Charlie Weis is the reason for this, as he was the coach who recruited Crist to Notre Dame. Seeing as he's playing somewhere that won't affect Michigan, I wish him all the best.


Dayne Crist
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After a long & difficult decision making process, I'm incredibly excited to join the Kansas football team. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!



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Man, this may be a once in a generation chance for Purdue, Illinois, or even Indiana to win the "Why is Wisconsin here" division. OSU ineligible, PSU a hot mess with a first year coach, Wisconsin with no QB (they may be starting a true freshman) and most of their skill talent gone to the NFL.


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Charlie's last name is Weis.

One "s."

Also, some friendly reminders: Troy's last name is "Woolfolk" not "Woolfork" and there's only one "m" in "Hemingway."

Those are the only spelling corrections I have to make for now.  I'm not sure how we can still spell names incorrectly that we've all seen thousands of times by now.

But I can't wait until Joe Boldin, Caleb Ringer, and Jared Wilson get to campus.


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Went through 2 season ending knee injuries, had to learn a new system, then had coach purple face pull him after 1 half for a QB that can't stop handing the ball to the other team. 

I'm glad he gets to reunite with a coach that he obviously looks up to and respects.  Say what you want about Weis, he put 2 quarterbacks in the first 2 rounds.  I'm just glad Wisconsin can't continue having hired guns under center. 


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It is reasonable to conclude that the transfer of Dayne Crist to Kansas is occuring largely if not solely because he will have a better opportunity to be the starting QB on the football team and because he may have a better rapport with the head coach, Charlie Weis.

Clearly playing football and being a starting QB is very important to him and outweighs the other aspects of the schools. Yet, we still have a lot of archaic rules about transferring and eligibility. Let's look at it from another standpoint - what if Dayne Crist wasn't a QB but a theoretical physics major. He goes to ND expecting to study string theory under the famous professor XYZ. After he enrolls he finds that professor XYZ is leaving to be the new chair at another school and the new professor is a string theory critic. No one would find it odd for him to transfer to the new school to continue his studies under professor XYZ.

1. The top players view their sports careers and training just like the students look at their degrees and concentrations.

2. Why should they be penalized for moving to the places they believe (right or wrong) may help them further their sports ambitions.

3. After any leadership change, any school should offer to release its players.