Dax Hill recruitment: lemon eaters need to come forward and pay the piper

Submitted by WindyCityBlue on December 19th, 2018 at 1:48 PM

Ok.  So I have a really good insider who told me right away that Dax Hill was flipping back.  So I tried my best to screenshot all those who said they'd eat a lemon (or bag thereof) if Dax Hill flipped back.  I know I wasn't able to capture all those citrus commitments, so please those that I missed (we'll find you if you don't!) 

Unfortunately, I've been trying all morning to get the screenshots to attach, but can't seem to do so (damn you Mgoblog 3.0).  So, I'm just going to write them in below:

RockinLoud: I will suck a bag of dick-shaped lemon flavored candies if he flips back to UM

B1G or Bust: I will suck a bag of lemon-shaped dick flavored candies if he flips.

Perkis-Size Me: I'll eat a lemon and shit myself simultaneously if he comes back.

I Like Burgers: I will eat a bag of lemons the day Michigan flips a 5-star Bama commit.

Motives: I am of the same sentiment, lol.  (meaning that he will follow I Like Burgers' lead)

Adrian: ll see his bag of lemons and raise another bag, mostly because i like lemons

DCGrad: I will take a lemon too to help with this.

BIGWEENIE: I will do it. 1 bag of lemons. Come on down kid

Chalky White: I'll eat a box of Lemon Heads.

theguy49503: I'll volunteer to help you (I Like Burgers) eat them

LSA91: I don't want to identify the things I would eat to get Hill back to Michigan.

ih8losing: I'll join the lemon eating party should Dax flip back to the good guys. 

Alumnus93: What?  No way it's same as Solomon.... Hill doesn't live in Alabama does he? Why on Earth would he have to hide a Michigan committment?  I don't buy this..at all.... I'll gladly eat a lemon if wrong. (I like lemons)




December 19th, 2018 at 1:58 PM ^

I'm not sure I actually hold a position that can agree with such scorekeeping (I'd have to think about it and I'm not going to) but I will say that if I did agree I would have an idea for a premium mgoblog feature: A page where premium users can log such pledges, linked to the users, for reference later. You know, an MgoReceiptDrawer.