David Moorman to Wiscy

Submitted by UMMAN83 on May 7th, 2014 at 7:52 PM
Watched this kid grow up and play. Good enough for a Wiscy OL but not Michigan. Got it. Our line best produce this year or OL recruiting and ... Wink wink. Coaching in the hot seat.



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I . . .  Agree?

EDIT:  David Moorman commits to Wisconsin.  In my amateur opinion I believe he should have been offered by Michigan.  If we don't do well this year I think Hoke is on the hot seat.  We cannot afford another year of frustrating OL play.  

Space Coyote

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Wisconsin currently has 6 OL in the NFL

Michigan currently has 6 OL in the NFL.

That doesn't include Molk. That doesn't include the group of at least three that just retired. That doesn't include the two that will be there in less than a week.

Now say what you will about how it hasn't been "this staff" that has produced Michigan's talent in the NFL, but it hasn't been "this staff" at Wisconsin either. Both schools are well known for producing OL by NFL standards.

carlos spicywiener

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I think my comment was taken the wrong way. I didn't mean to compare the amount of Michigan OL to Wisconsin OL.

The OP merely insinuated that Wisconsin OL, which has been a solid position group over the years, are "beneath" Michigan. I hate that elitsm / arrogance in our fanbase.

That's all.


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hoke will be gone after this year if he dosent win 2 out of the big 3 games. you will have one of the harbaughs has coach in 2015

Space Coyote

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Michigan's struggles on the OL certainly would not be helped in the near future, let alone probably at all by Moorman until after Michigan's current group of players graduated.

Moorman has a ton of work to do. He would come in extremely raw and take a lot of work to get to a point where he would be able to play OL at Michigan. Not only is his technique pretty bad (a lot of HS kids have bad technique, that's not necessarily a shot), but his footwork is currently not up to par. That is why not only has Michigan not offered, but MSU hasn't either.

I wrote on an MSU message board a couple weeks ago:

"Moorman may get an offer after Summer, but frankly, MSU is in on some higher players on their board. The biggest concern I'd have with Moorman are his feet. He has decent size, technique is all over the place, but that's typical from a high school player from a small school, and he has good tenacity, but I think there are just serious concerns about where he fits along the offensive line and if he has the feet to move well enough at the next level. I think that's probably why the coaches want to see him camp, to see if he's really being held back by some technique, or if he just isn't as nimble footed as you'd like.

I think if he ends up at MSU he most likely ends up inside at OG. I think the upside there is probably Dan France without the option of really flipping him out to OT in a pinch.

I do want to make sure to clarify one thing here though: Moorman is a good recruit and there is a reason the coaching staff is following him and wanting him to camp. If I was a MAC team I'd have an offer out to him. If I was a lower level B1G team (say Purdue or Illinois) I'd have an offer out to him in hopes that gets him to camp and you have an inside edge if things look good there. He does have some skill, and he does appear to have the tenacity aspect down. But on film, I don't see the footwork I'd like to see at a mid-to-upper tier B1G school."

So basically, you can snark and be debbie downer about Wisconsin (who isn't the same Wisconsin staff anymore, by any stretch of the imagination, that made a Wiscy OL offer a great offer) picking up a kid that, at this point, does not look like a Michigan or MSU caliber recruit. And you can talk this and that about the OL's struggles this year, but that has nothing to do with Moorman committing anywhere, and likely has little to nothing to do with any O-lineman in this class.

Space Coyote

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It's a problem, I know.

But this post, about a player Michigan didn't offer, could have and should have read something like:

"David Moorman, a recruit from Michigan, committed to Wisconsin. Michigan was looking to see him camp this summer but had not extended an offer."

It then could have added some opinion in a decent way, such as:

"I would have liked to have seen Michigan offer Moorman. I think he'll be a good lineman. Wisconsin has a pretty good history of producing OL and I hope this doesn't come back to bite us down the road."

You can agree or disagree on the opinion part, it's an opinion after all. I'd disagree with the first part, and be non-committal on the second. But at least then the OP wouldn't come off, well, like he does.

Ghost of BCook…

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Yes, because Wisconsin knows all about recruiting future NFL caliber O-Line prospects while Michigan knows nothing. 


Jake Long, Taylor Lewan, Maurice Williams, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Backus, Jonathan Goodwin, David Baas, and around 50 other guys. 

Maize and Blue…

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recruited 2 of the 3 you mentioned and helped make Molk.  That Jake Fisher kid that verballed to RR isn't doing to bad (unfortunately at Oregon).  Posada quitting and Bryant and Pace going the medical route didn't help.  His Oline recruiting may not have been where it needed to be numbers wise but RS freshman Lewan was superior to anything we've seen out of the current regime and RS soph Schofield was to though if someone improves dramatically this year they may measure up to Michael.


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This post doesn't even make sense. This kid wouldn't help us at all right now. Also, we are recruiting higher ranked OL. I don't see the reason for the negative undertones.


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Wiscy is by far his best offer.  Next best are Illinois and Minnesota.  MAC schools round it out.  Doesn't mean he won't be good, but M isn't the only team holding off.