David Harris Retires

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Per twitter:

Statement from NFL great David Harris:

"After 11 years of having played the greatest team sport at its highest level, it's now time for me to announce my retirement from the NFL."

It has been a true honor representing David! Go enjoy retirement! #Sportstars #HitMan #ClassAct

— Sportstars (@SPORTSTARSNYC) February 23, 2018

Good luck in the future, David. You were great.



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David Harris was an absolute stud on the field (both at Michigan and with the Jets) and from all that I've read a really good dude off of it. Happy retirement and Go Blue!


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As a life long fan of Michigan and a Jets season ticket holder, it was a true pleasure to watch him play.  I remember how excited I was when the Jets drafted him. 


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I wish I could find where I saw this (I've looked, pretty intensely, and my inability to refer to it could result in some minor factual errors), but PFF once had pages describing their top-rated offensive and defensive players from various seasons. One year the highest-rated defensive player was Darrell Revis, who had a monster score that was (I believe) a record that had not been matched.

Coming in a very close second, with the second-highest score PFF had ever recorded on defense, was David Harris. A dominant player. That was quite a defense.

Mike Damone

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player for Michigan who overcame a really bad injury his freshman year to not only be a stud at Michigan, but an 11 year pro.  Congrats on a great career and a well earned retirement for David Harris, a true Michigan man!  Go Blue!

814 East U

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Woodley and Hall got more "buzz" but Harris was a captain on that 2006 defense. I wonder which defense was better 2006 vs. 2016 (without knowing the statistics)? I think I know which offense was better between those two years.

Watching From Afar

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I'd go with 2016

2006 had the better LBs with Harris, Crable, and Burgess. Maybe a few more high end DL like Woodley and Branch, but not as much depth.

2006 had better CBs. I'd take Lewis over Hall and Stribling over Trent.

2006 had better safeties in Hill and Thomas over Adams and... to be honest I don't remember the other starter. Englemon? Throw in Peppers over the other safety as well.


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Really wish he could have gotten a ring. Well maybe he will spend my time at his house down the street from my in-laws where I have never as much as seen the lights on


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One of the greatest Middle Linebackers EVER to wear the winged helmet. He wasn't flashy, wasn't "look at me". Dude was a tackling machine that stopped ball carriers in their tracks and flat out got the job done!


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i'm still pissed that with a month of practices, we didn't use him as a spy against vince young in the rose bowl.  we win easy, if we didn't let VY run wild.


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First of all, can't say anything hasn't been said. Absolutely great, great backer. One of best to ever wear it and that encompasses a ton of talent. 

It does make me happy though to realize these players - average fan says they're over paid - make enough money they can actually enjoy their retirement from the game (all go into life long caeers in other areas) without a lifetime of what amount basically to rehab, three to four days of some type of planned exercise to feel better, tons of meds and at least one visit to the doctor each week. I am  certain you've all seen the videos of the old-time players that played for 50-80K, knive wounds all over their knees and legs and limping with every step by time they hit 50. Today's players give it hell for 10 years, are protected when need to be and get what they're worth to play the game and are able to live in retirement the way its supposed to be. . This makes me feel good about their effort and the owner's bank roll. 

Another thing on Mr. Harris is he's the exception and that's outstanding. He's a great ball player and it's no sin to have him possibly the no. 1 player in GR history. But for a city that size, it seems like they should be putting out a hell of a lot more. The Saginaw Valley League with the towns Saginaw and Flint primarily making up the teams, I believe, are both smaller cities than GR and both produce a hell of a lot more D1 level talent and BIG worthy specifically. Just wanted to say that. GR got to pick up the pace. Congrats wolverine on a hell of a career.