David Dawson to camp at Florida

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to visit FLORIDA!!!!!       ughhhhhhhhhhhh

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Frank Drebin

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David Dawson RT : I'm a


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now wait, aren't official visits usually fully paid by the university?  And aren't camps usually paid for out of pocket?  Are the elite 11 and IMG 7 on 7 paid for by the kids or does the event pay for them?  If this isn't paid for by the university and the players have to pay their own way to the other camps, then why isn't this looked at as a camp?



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Nobody cares, they're too busy sticking their heads in the sand and ignoring what's actually happening. FNL is a major recruiting tool for them; Hoke and Co. (along with his fellow recruits) need to squash this ASAP before it gets out of hand. I know it's a bummer to think about but if things keep trending the way they are David will probably not be wearing the winged helmet. Saying that FNL is "just a camp" is like saying the the UofM BBQ is just a cookout. 


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I'm going to play devil's advocate here: Let's say that you're David Dawson. Might it be possible that you want to go play kids from Florida because of the talent and level of competition down there? He may just want to see how he stacks up against the best that the country has to offer. 


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Kyle MeinkeKyle Meinke@kmeinke2m

That headline is misleading. Dawson is just camping, not taking an official visit. Carry on.

[EDIT] Beaten to the punch. Official meltdown averted.


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Official meltdown is not averted yet. This camp is as if you merged our camp and the BBQ at the Big House together.

It is also like the thing that OSU hosts, Friday Night Lights.

Recruiting will be heavily involved. We don't need to meltdown yet, but there should be concern. Florida could become a big player here and it will be interesting to see how our coaches handle this.


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A "visit" (official or unofficial) would almost certainly mean that a guy was no longer considered by the Michigan coaching staff to be committed to Michigan. This is not that case. I'd call that a pretty big difference, and not just a semantic one.


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(i.e. Steve Lorenz):

What I know about David Dawson: Last Sunday, David told me he was going to camp at Florida. I asked him what the coaches would think. He told me they didn't get upset when he camped at Alabama last month (if you remember, the Cass crew was in the area for a 7v7 tourney) and that he was definitely going to camp down there. It's worth keeping an eye on.

Commits camp in various places all the time. Does it mean he's not interested in Florida? No. But it also doesn't necessarily mean that he is interested.


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People aren't complaining that the information was inaccurate. They were complaining that it was misleading.

Information can be correct and still be misleading. In fact, factually accurate information that leads one to an inaccurate impression of a set of events seems like the definition of "misleading."


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At this point in the recruiting process (July 6th with several weeks of summer remaining), it is presumptuous to assume that a "visit" would automatically be an official visit.

Bryan Mone was planning a visit to Michigan.

Orlando Brown is visiting Michigan.

Derrick Green is visiting Michigan.

Alvin Bailey visited Michigan not long ago.

They were all discussed as visits, but because it's summer time, it should be understood that they can't be officials.  So if there's time left for both unofficial summer visits and official visits, jumping to a conclusion that it will be an official visit means you're allowing yourself to be misled.


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I hate to say it but Magnus is 100% right on this. For all intents and purposes this is a visit. I am willing to bet that if he follows through, he will not be considered part of this class by the staff and they will move on. 

I would also agree with him on this being a reason the other Michigan recruits "ditched" him and would add that perhaps maybe he was the one flirting with the FL guys and the UM guys said "see ya." I think we have all seen how close this class has become. 

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I can't decide if the OP should get the banhammer for this post or for the Vanilla Ice avatar.

So I guess I'm going to have to go with "both reasons."


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In the FAQ doesn't give an example of "Justin Feagin" is a terrible title, while it should be "Justin Feagin leaves team"? This should've at least said David Dawson to visit Florida. Or maybe I'm overreacting.