David Dawson to camp at Florida

Submitted by O Fo Sho on July 6th, 2012 at 1:29 PM

to visit FLORIDA!!!!!       ughhhhhhhhhhhh

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Maybe you shouldn't follow recruiting then, since you're obviously indifferent about it. 

These are the reasons we follow recruiting.  It's only July 6th?  What does that mean?  Nothing that happens until October is important?  Does that mean we shouldn't get excited if Treadwell commits tonight since it's only July 6th?  Should we stop doing 2014 updates altogether?

Yes, it happens a lot, that doesn't mean it's not something worth getting upset about.  You know what else happens a lot?  Losses, in football games.  Even to good teams, it usually happens a few times a year, sometimes more.  Should we not get upset when our team loses since it happens all the time?  Hell, people die all the time - should I not get upset when it happens to someone I love?

Point is, many of us on here get invested in college football recruiting, good, bad or otherwise.  So just like we get excited when a big time commit chooses us, we get upset when a big time commit chooses not-us.  It's you're unaffected by that, good for you, but don't tell us it's no big deal because to a lot of us it is.

Brown Bear

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I am happy when a recruit commits to us. It doesnt make me happy when a recruit does not pick M but heck it's not my choice, it's theirs. Does it "upset" me? No. If it really upsets you then yes you should take a breather and stop following so closely. The funniest thing is that nothing has happened and you and others are feaking out! That's what I find humorous.


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Kinda, yeah.  I'm not saying aneurysms are cool, stress-induced or otherwise, but this is a thread topic, and for the better part, a blog that emphasizes recruiting.  Brian makes a good part of his living because people are very interested in recruiting.  The big moments in recruiting are commitments and decommitments, and since the latter happen less frequently, they often garner a lot of attention and emotion. 

Should someone be jumping off a cliff right now?  No, but that doesn't mean this issue isn't worth getting worried about.  And if you're someone who doesn't think this is worth getting worked up over - then don't, but don't go on the thread where people are discussing what they're worked up over and then tell people not to get worked up. 

Kermits Blue Key

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but Smitdog has been posting one comment after another all afternoon about how terrible this and how we should all get on board with his freakout. 

Personally, I think he may have used this Dawson situation as a platform to skyrocket his point total over 100 so he can start a thread about a Chicken McNugget he got today in the shape of Lloyd Carr's head.


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Yea I agree his overly emo posts jump off the page at me.  It would really surprise me if he was over 16, so I will leave him alone. 

Obligatory no offense to 16 year olds. I know there are plenty on this board who have a better grasp on things and don't need to overreact.


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You'd like to know why we shouldn't be worried?

1) He goes to Cass Tech. If you think Wilcher will let him jump ship like this, you're out of your mind.

2) He's constantly surrounded by and connected to fellow Michigan commits.

3) He was just recruiting Rodgers to Michigan 2 weeks ago. Would you recruit someone to go somewhere that you're not?

4) His recently passed father wanted him to go to Michigan. I imagine that's a pretty big factor.

5) Do you think Hole and Co. are just going to let him go? They know what they're doing.

So why don't you calm down, shut up, and take your whining and panic-mongering somewhere else.


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How many of you have lost your father (or mother). The death of a parent, no matter your age, is, to put it mildly, an incredibly disruptive event. The impact is far greater when you are seventeen or eighteen. It forever alters your life. It causes you to rethink many aspects of your life in ways you never anticipated. He lost his father without warning, in a particularly tragic way, that allowed for no preparation. 

I was married and forty years old when my father died of a long illness. It was a body blow and, at least in my case, it made me profoundly sad for quite a while and I wasn't much fun to be around. If Mr. Dawson has been responding a bit oddly about things lately, he has a pretty d*mn good excuse.

We are talking about a young man who's lost one of his life's major anchors, probably his largest anchor. Whatever he decides and however this turns out I think we should cut him some slack. Under the circumstances, we should be prepared to cut Hoke some slack if he decides that Dawson gets some leaway with the no visit policy too. 



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If Dawson does decommit, how likely is it that we see an offer go out to Rodgers or start recruiting someone like Pocic who had interest in Michigan but was told his position had been filled?

The Wolf

July 6th, 2012 at 5:04 PM ^

With Dawson being projected as a guard, would the coaches even pursue Pocic (who is a tackle)?  Would they most likely be looking for someone to fill that guard "spot" or simply the next best overall OL they can find?


That being said, (without any kind of inside info) I have always had a good feeling re: Pocic.  To me it seemed like he was genuinely interested in coming to Michigan, but was not yet ready to make a decision when the numbers became a factor.  I could be totally off base, just my two cents . . .


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If Dawson does decommit, let's all take a deep breath, and wish him the best.  Remember that there is still a long time before signing day, and this is a bridge (and a recruiting pipeline) that we don't want to burn... much like Ohio did with Anzalone.


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Already bought ticket? If true, I don't think "better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission" is the best way to go with the coaches. It's what you do when you know it's wrong but don't care.


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Official visits are a different animal than camps.  Official visits can't occur until the player has started classes for his senior year, and the university picks up the tab for travel, food, and lodging, so there's a built in quid pro quo where the university pays for the trip, and in return, the student athlete acknowledges a serious consideration for the school.  It would be dishonest for a player to accept an official visit to one school with the intention of enrolling at another.  So when a player makes a verbal committment to one school and accepts an official visit to another, he is lying to somebody about his intentions.  Visiting a camp there is not that quid pro quo arrangement and the player is not being dishonest to anyone .




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I'm kinda of sick of his immaturity. This is like the 4th time (or something like that) that this has happened. I don't care if I get downvoted but I'm starting to not care if he is in our class anymore. We're not the only program with kids like him, Im just not a fan of any of them. 


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Give the kid some slack.  He's been through a lot this year.  Decommiting is not a crime.  Hopefully he will take some time, think things over and realize Michigan and Hoke are both pretty special.