David Dawson to camp at Florida

Submitted by O Fo Sho on July 6th, 2012 at 1:29 PM

to visit FLORIDA!!!!!       ughhhhhhhhhhhh

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going to the barbecue and then saying "it wasn't a visit, I just wanted some fried chicken"?  I don't have any problem with Dawson wanting to visit other schools, but have a hard time seeing how this isn't a visit to another school.


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that the Cass Tech kids went to as a team.  It wasn't an Alabama recruiting event masquerading as a camp (someone correct me if I'm wrong).  

Friday Night Lights is technically a "camp," but it's really just Florida's biggest recruiting event of the year.  It's the BBQ with drills. 

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if he is attending the camp alone.  But if he is attending with a contingent of Cass Tech players, I don't think it is a huge difference.

That was why I asked in my original post if he was going with other teammates. If he is going with a contingent of Cass Tech players, I would be less concerned.


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He's going alone. This is totally different than the camp at Alabama, that was an actual camp. This is a recruiting event. I'm all but certain he's gone at this point.  He has done nothing to clarify what he's doing, he's not talking to the coaches apparently, he's telling the other recruits he's thinking about decomitting, I have seen nothing in his actions that make me think he is interested in the University of Michigan at this point. Maybe Florida will drop the ball or Hoke/Shane will get through to him or maybe he just comes to his senses and realizes how he's acting right now isn't how a Michigan Man carries himself.  Thankfully we have a loaded OL class in 2013 and a very solid class in '12 but it still sucks to see a kid of this caliber flake out like he has in the past month or so.


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Congratulations! You have ascended the ranks and are now the #1 MGoAnnoyance, beyond even Mr. Mario and THE PARTY ROOM.  Rarefied air.  

"He has done nothing to clarify what he's doing."  Why do you think it's his duty to explain his life to you, a random nameless internet wanderer?  If he wants to never say a single word to a single recruiting site or reporter that's entirely his prerogative.  We all know how you feel.  You don't need to post the same paragraph about Dawson decommitting in every thread.


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Shane Morris going to the Columbus NFTC is an invalid comparison.  The Columbus NFTC had no association or affiliation with OSU and it wasn't on the OSU campus.  This is a UF sponsored recruiting event on the UF campus.  If Shane Morris was going to this Florida FNL, my head would asplode.

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Is this pure speculation?  I have not seen any reports on whether or not other Cass kids like the junior LBs (Hosey, Drake, White) or Jayru Campbell, but that doesn't mean they are not attending.

And as Tremendous just posted on twitter, this is not new:

You've probably been bombarded with this, but the rule is no official visits. Jourdan Lewis camped at Alabama, for instance.

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Just about to post this. I think he ends up blue but might take the not so straight path there? He is my favorite line commit in this class ... unless he decommits. He committed during the 8 in one day Hello post onslaught. I expected at least one decommit from that day.


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I wouldn't worry about it.  He probably enjoys going to the different camps to learn different techniques.  Hoke should be happy that David loves to be coached.  Besides  MICHIGAN > florida.


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So when something bad happens to my favorite team I shouldn't be upset as a fan? I'm not freaking out, I'm not crying, I'm not eyeing a bottle of sleeping pills. I'm a little bummed out that a good player is potentially going elsewhere. Couple that with the fact that there's not a whole hell of a lot going on right now (still not much info about how guys are looking at the Opening) and it's going to be a hot topic of conversation. If we get a good recruit can I be happy? What are the acceptable emotions that I can feel while following a team? Can I be nervous when Ohio has the ball on our one yard line or is nervousness bad too? If you think this is dumb or you're too cool for it then more power to you and you can show yourself the door to the thread.