David Brandt prefers hunting over M football

Submitted by Magnus on October 7th, 2009 at 9:17 AM

I just read the article on the sidebar about David Brandt. In the interview, he was asked if he keeps up with Michigan football. He said sometimes Michigan football clashes with his hunting schedule, so he catches up with the highlights. He watches the big games, though.

This is not the first time I've heard sentiments like this. I don't know how you could pour your heart and soul into a program like that and then have it become an afterthought. Maybe you just get burned out. Or maybe after you've played for so long, your loyalties get spread out so much (between your old high school, your college, your pro teams, etc.) that it's hard to remain emotionally attached to one program.

When I graduated high school, I went back for every high school game I could. I started coaching there as soon as I could after college. And even though I had to move away, the first thing I do on Saturday mornings now is check the internet for their score.




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Hunting traditions and all that can run just as deep or deeper than a 4 year stint playing football in college. Different strokes for different folks.


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We were hunters and gatherers long before there was football. Some people seem to have it hardwired into them more than others. Brandt sounds like one of those who does. Also, his NFL career was short and undistinguished. I would imagine that he is burnt out on football; the NFL mentality (you are a piece of meat and we will dump you when we are finished with you) can do that to people.

At any rate, he appears to be following his muse. I wish him well.


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A lot of people enjoy hunting and being in the wilderness and there are only so many months a year you can hunt. It doesn't sound like he's putting it as an afterthought as you've said. There's just not enough time to do everything you want during a Saturday and he prioritizes as he sees fit.


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I've check my high school's scores in about 10 years. (I've been out 15, my brother 12). Sometimes people move on to other things. To some, hunting is religion. I remember when I was in school there was a high school in northern michigan that made the playoffs (when it was still hard to do), but had to forefit because a large majority of the team would not miss opening day of deer season for the playoff game! This was in the early to mid-90s....anyone remember the school?


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Maybe it's a difference in personality and how much they enjoyed their time at Michigan. Some people love to stay in contact while others are never heard from again. I moved away, so getting back after my playing days was difficult.


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Most muses are effete, scarf-around-the-neck small private college Medieval English literature types, and there's no fun hunting them.


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"Maybe you just get burned out. "

Probably this.

"Or maybe after you've played for so long, your loyalties get spread out so much "

Work, school, family can all take precedence too.

Durham Blue

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learning about what Brandt has been doing since graduating from M. And it's great he's a stay at home dad and gets to spend plenty of time with the kids. Loves hunting and fishing. But the main issue is Rothstein didn't ask what Brandt thought of the current Michigan regime compared to LC. That's sort of an obvious question and one that many M fans are interested to hear. IME.

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I played high school football with Dave Brandt at Jenison High. He would knock the crap out of me regularly. (nice guy though, he would always help me up) The first day of deer season was like a holiday. The teachers that didn't call in sick, had their cars packed and ready to go. Many of the guys would skip school that day. Basically, at school it was just me and the girls. One would think it would have helped my chances. It didn't. So hunting is a big deal. But Dave always had other interests. He wanted to teach special ed, but no positions were open, and fell back on the NFL. If I remember correctly, I read an article on him that said he also enjoyed wood-working. I think having other interest is how you keep your sanity.

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I have never gone back to my high school for anything. I loved it, and didn't suffer any abuse while there, but I moved on when I graduated. I have seen only about three people I graduated with (and one of them I ran into in California!) since I left high school.

I totally understand Brandt's position. And I understand having other interests and passions.

On the other hand, these message boards are my only link back to Michigan and the Wolverines--and I am obsessed with them to the point that I haven't eaten or bathed in over six months because I don't want to miss any potentially life-changing posts by my fellow MgoCommunity members.

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Why do you care, Magnus? And why on earth would you admit that you were a high school hero? When you moved back after college, did you try to date the totally smoking hot junior cheerleader, too?

"Hey, babe, I got a driver's license."


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I was just curious what other people thought about the lack of importance that a former Michigan football player placed on Michigan football. I'm not judging him - that's why I threw out the idea that maybe he's just burned out on football.

I wasn't a high school hero. I went back to watch my high school football team play, and I learned a lot by watching (which helped because now I'm a coach). And I'm a high school teacher, not a perv.

I don't think the topic deserved such a dickish response.


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I wrestled for one of the best schools in Michigan. We've won state championships in 2000, 2002, and 2006. The program is like a family to me. I graduated in 2005 and still go to at least half of the tournaments every year. I always have a contact giving me constant updates (usually my Mom or cousin) and match-by-match results. In fact, this winter, me and another poster on this board are both going to be at almost every practice helping the kids workout and coaching. The program is equally important to me as the Tigers, Michigan, Red Wings, Lions, and Pistons. I am just as emotionally involved in them as the other five. As for the high school football, I usually make it to 1 or 2 games a year. Other than that, I just check the scores. It's not as important to me as it used to be.


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is everything. As full of awesome awesomeness as Michigan football/hockey/whatever is, spending time with family, friends (and especially) your kids in the duck marsh or in the deer blind make the memories you cherish for life - far deeper, more profound moments than seeing Michigan beat Western.