Dave Brandon

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When DB was selected as AD, I didn’t really know too much about the guy.  I still don’t, other than some things that I stumbled across on one of the Michigan sites.  Does anybody know what the contributing factors were to select Brandon as AD?  I see some things that are positive, but to be selected as the AD at Michigan?


A native of Michigan.

CEO, Valassis Communications – media and marketing services (Livonia, Michigan). 

Manager, CEO and Chairman of the board of Domino’s.

Played football in the early 70’s as a reserve player who played QB and then DE.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and received a teaching certificate with some additional honorary doctorate degrees.

Total Campaign Contributions of $239,180, with $217,180 of that going to the Republican party and $22,000 to special interests.

Brandon and his wife, Jan, along with former U-M head football coach Lloyd Carr and his wife, Laurie, head the $754 million U-M C.S. Mott Children's and Women's Hospital Replacement Project fundraising campaign.

Brandon was honored as national CEO Coach of the Year by the American Football Coaches Association. (what does that mean?)


UM has some pretty influential people out in society (I read that “as per all the posters with “inside” connections”), with some major accomplishments, and based strictly on "notches on the belt", it would seem that they could have done a little better with the selection.

I have no idea what the qualifications were and was just wondering what made DB the choice.  It would be interesting to know what those qualifications were, just in case 3 years down the road, if needed, UM can make the necessary changes.

I’m sure there a bunch of things that DB has done that I don’t know about.  I sure hope he proves himself though, with some immediate results, because the clock is ticking.

Funny thing though, when DB was hired, the first thing I thought was,

 “PIZZA, PIZZA, we talkin’ about PIZZA?”



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I picture him sitting there with handfulls of his own hair and clumps of it surrounding him on the couch.  He has a far-away stare on his face and he has spilled his OJ on his keyboard.

More likely, he's probably still sleeping.  Damn all those that get to work from home!


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I only been a member since the start of football season, but I have followed the blog for years. I know it is that down period where people are grasping for ideas to talk about, but really? Especially considering the majority of last week was spent talking about Brandon over and over. I always say, "I need to stop clicking on threads I think may be dumb." But, I can't!!!! It's like an insane addiction.


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He's a saavy businessman who's main, but not only, purpose is to maximize revenue. Over time, he'll achieve that goal with many BCS Championship appearances.

Nothing to do with the above, but he took a ridiculous paycut to become Michigan's AD.


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a Michigan man.

#2- He played for Bo.

#3. He has an established business track record.

#4. He understands the athletic, business and academic issues needed for an AD.