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When DB was selected as AD, I didn’t really know too much about the guy.  I still don’t, other than some things that I stumbled across on one of the Michigan sites.  Does anybody know what the contributing factors were to select Brandon as AD?  I see some things that are positive, but to be selected as the AD at Michigan?


A native of Michigan.

CEO, Valassis Communications – media and marketing services (Livonia, Michigan). 

Manager, CEO and Chairman of the board of Domino’s.

Played football in the early 70’s as a reserve player who played QB and then DE.

Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications and received a teaching certificate with some additional honorary doctorate degrees.

Total Campaign Contributions of $239,180, with $217,180 of that going to the Republican party and $22,000 to special interests.

Brandon and his wife, Jan, along with former U-M head football coach Lloyd Carr and his wife, Laurie, head the $754 million U-M C.S. Mott Children's and Women's Hospital Replacement Project fundraising campaign.

Brandon was honored as national CEO Coach of the Year by the American Football Coaches Association. (what does that mean?)


UM has some pretty influential people out in society (I read that “as per all the posters with “inside” connections”), with some major accomplishments, and based strictly on "notches on the belt", it would seem that they could have done a little better with the selection.

I have no idea what the qualifications were and was just wondering what made DB the choice.  It would be interesting to know what those qualifications were, just in case 3 years down the road, if needed, UM can make the necessary changes.

I’m sure there a bunch of things that DB has done that I don’t know about.  I sure hope he proves himself though, with some immediate results, because the clock is ticking.

Funny thing though, when DB was hired, the first thing I thought was,

 “PIZZA, PIZZA, we talkin’ about PIZZA?”


His Dudeness

December 9th, 2010 at 11:26 AM ^

I have been thouroughly unimpressed with DB so far.

That said he was a successful (?) CEO who said it would be a dream to come be the AD at Michigan.  I don't agree with the "pimp hand" meme that he can do no wrong. I think he is doing a horrible job right now with how he is handling the coaching "situation." I don't agree with putting us in a different division that OSU in the re-allignment. He does have more years to learn the job and hopefully he will end up as one of the greats. Time will tell if this waiting game was something that could have been avoided, but as of now I think it is his greatest mistake as AD.


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really think Brandon could have done a ton about the division thing, even if he wanted to? Sure, he could have fought and fought, but in the end, U of M is only one team in a conference of 12. 

Also, he has done a great job "cleaning house" and trying to remove some division within the department (See: Morris, Jamie).

Yes, coach search is worrisome, but he's operating with a lot more info than any of us.


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and I hate to add to this topic, but isn't it possible that Brandon is trying not to repeat the same mistakes as Bill Martin. You know, like not having your hand forced to the point where your first two candidates are say "No, thanks". Again, he has a lot more information than any of us, and until this ends one way or another, I think you have to reserve judgment. 


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In a year, he's oversaw the transition to a new stadium, installed lights into the stadium, arranged for the first night game in the history of the program, and arranged for a OOC game with Alabama where Michigan will be handsomely rewarded.  And that's just football.

Yeah, I'm unimpressed too.

Seriously though, what are we going to get on him for?  Not coming out and saying that Rich Rod is the coach for next year?  I'm not sure RR comes back next year or not, but while there were strides made, I think the bowl game NEEDS to be part of the evaluation process.  If we look great in the bowl game, then certainly RR would likely be deserving of coming back.  But if we get blown out by Miss. State, do you still think he should come back?  Why does DB have to be hasty with his decision?  I don't buy the recruiting argument either.  If DB says RR stays, then there should be no issue.  If a new coach comes in, while that may turn away some recruits, wouldn't that also open up new recruits that would have a newfound interest (for example Stanford's stellar class).  Remember guys like Shaw, Roundtree, and Odoms who became interested in us only after RR came in.

If DB's decided to fire RR and bring in someone else, what does announcing it do for us?  If he doesn't have anyone pegged for the job, then I really don't think RR should be fired.  Having an extended vacancy during which a coaching search is conducted is worst then having a coach whose status is somewhat unclear.  If he's decided to hire a certain coach, and for argument's sake let's say Harbaugh, I still don't see why you can't announce it after the bowl game.  The kids here like RR, and they and RR should be rewarded by getting to play for RR in the bowl game regardless.  Moreover, I think Jimmy really wants to coach Stanford in their BCS bowl even if he leaves for another college or an NFL gig, and in a sense that's only fair to the university and to the kids he's coaching. 

His Dudeness

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Yes, I (me, not you, but me) am unimpressed with him. I (not you, but me) place a higher value in some things (coaching stability, recruiting, the holding of the game at the last game of the year) over things like lights on the football stadium. Thanks for your opinion. My opinion is still mine. You won't change it. Thanks for trying. Again, I like pizza, you don't. Good for us.


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Non-confrontational and well reasoned. This is a rational view on what DB is currently doing. I happen to agree, but this is beside the point. There is a lot of negging going on for disagreeing with other people's opinions, thereby turning this board into a popularity contest instead of a place for rational discussion. If you want to hate on people for disagreeing with you, go to mlive. If you want to read well thought out points, read mgoblog (this discounts 470000000000000 threads per day about coaching changes and other miscellaneous crap)


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That you are below that threshold, yet still advocate for it to be raised.

I like it!

I would gladly forfeit my right to post until I get to 500 if it means we have a better board. 


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this board is usually a great diversion throughout the day, but it's been so poor as of late...I would give up my right to post if it means a better board as well

Dave Brandon has more intelligence in his right pinky toe than many of the "doubters" on this thread


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So Brandon was in charge of a corporation that generated over a billion in revenue worldwide, oversaw 150,000 employees, and you think this he has the saavy or is qualified to be our AD?  On top of that, he's a former alum that played for Bo.  Geez, are you being serious or are your standards just insanely high?


December 9th, 2010 at 11:35 AM ^

...which means that he understands a lot about U-M processes and politics, as well as being familiar with the other Regents, and probably having a lot of trust from them.


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Athletic Departments are run like a business, so they brought in a guy who knows how a big money business works. Also the fact he is a former player helped too. But we all know its because Mary Sue wanted to be hooked up with some free Dominos.


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I'm a little disappointed that all of our hard work above was not enough to keep people from responding to the OT with an actual discussion about Brandon's credentials.  Oh well.  Back to work!