Dave Brandon is a stand-up guy

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on August 22nd, 2012 at 12:37 PM

Major respect to Dave Brandon who has apprently invited the kid  from Oklahoma to a game. The story where the kid was forced to take off their Michigan t-shirt because the school district is full of babies with brown diapers.

Michael Rothstein @mikerothstein

Brandon said they are inviting Barton & his parents to a Michigan football game and will put him on the big screen. Also bought him a shirt




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As a fellow Oklahoman I say... I wish Brandon would offer a way out for all Michigan fanatics in this state. The tragedy that happened to this unfortunate child has forced me to reconsider my loyalty as an Oklahoman and begin rebuilding my resume. 


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It reminds me of what Nike did during the Olympics when they found out the Egyptian National Team had fake Nike clothing. They happily gave them real Nike gear for free and reaped the positive PR.

They took a situation most people would roll their eyes at and turned into into a PR Gold Medal. Especially clever since they are not an official Olympic sponsor yet it got a ton of coverage. Genius.

Well played Dave Brandon.

Wolverine Devotee

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We are historically linked to app state FOREVER. Might as well bash their heads in and get some blood flowing to wipe away a losing record to a FCS school. I would maybe even say play them again in 2021 to get the winning record. I was ready for that game the moment it was announced last year.

Pop Evil isn't played during games. I've only heard it before games and after.

And The Game hasn't been moved so I don't see any problem there. I understand where he's coming from, because if they meet in the B1G Championship Game someday, then the importance of that regular season meeting is going to be diminished. Hell, it already has in a way. That isn't his fault, that's the B1G's fault for putting the two in seperate divisions.

coastal blue

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Here's the thing: Bashing their heads in doesn't change anything. 

Because no matter what, Ohio, MSU, whatever team you want to suggest, will always go back to the time we lost to them when we were ranked #5 in the country. 

And all it does is bring up a solid week or two of highlights beforehand showing us losing on that blocked kick. 

So yeah it will be nice to beat them - assuming we do... - and extract some miniscule form of revenge, but that small positive doesn't outweigh the negative. 


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Hold on a minute. I'm against the game myself, but there's only 3 teams that can talk trash about it, Appy State, Oregon, and OSU.

Those are the only teams that beat us that year (I know about Wisconsin, but we weren't starting our main guys on Offense, and '08 shuts them up)

turd ferguson

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Then it sounds like you disagree with how he wanted Michigan and OSU in opposite divisions, since that would enable them to play twice (http://www.maizenbrew.com/2010/8/20/1633680/what-becomes-of-the-game-mi…).

How about the bumble bee uniforms?  And did you like that we wore pretend throwback home uniforms to one of the most significant games in Michigan Stadium history?

I have a feeling that you'll find a way to justify everything he does, and we just don't think similarly along those lines.  I'm not anti-Brandon in every way (love the Hoke hire, think UTL was handled well, like the retired number thing), but I'm far, far away from saying that everything he says and does is perfect.

Wolverine Devotee

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I didn't really care for the road legacies that much. I think they would have looked better with Maize pants. I can see the point of doing it in the fashion they did though to steal nike and state's thunder. That was probably more an adidas thing to piss off nike and DB just went with it.

Loved the Legacy uniforms worn for UTL and the Sugar Bowl uniforms. The players seemed to also which is what really matters.

The way he has come out and just been aggressive with Michigan in terms of facility plans, the new lacrosse stadium coming in a few years by the Soccer Stadium, the great hires, adding two more varsity teams.

I've never seen this many changes in my lifetime with Michigan, in all sports. And it is for the better. No doubt.


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So what is the word on the new lacrosse facilities? Last I heard, it was questionable if there was enough UM-owned land in thaat area, and if there was, would it be tree-coverd wetlands that were protected, too wet to build, or too politically dangerous to clear-cut and drain here in Tree Town. (I love the trees and the team, but I just want to know the facts)

Is something actually in the works?


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If UM beats App St. 100 straight times, nobody will care except for the one time they beat UM at home.  Waving UM's proverbial junk around in games like this won't change anything.

Beyond Pop Evil, he also added twitter hashtags to the field, cut down on water access in the stadium, and didn't plan on sending the MMB to Jerryworld for one of the biggest preseason games in recent memory.  So no, he isn't batting 1.000 in my book.

I never cared that much about The Game being the last game of the year.  UM and OSU will care about beating each other regardless of the time, and the B1G game is more an annoyance than anything else.

snarling wolverine

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I'm not a big fan of that song (or the Arby's sponsorship of the Big Chill), but I don't understand all the angst about the Appalachian game.  If we weren't playing them, then realistically we were going to play a MAC team or similar.  Now we have a game that we are very likely to win, while also having a storyline behind it.   I understand that the game was traumatic for a lot of people (I was in attendance - it wasn't fun), but personally, I'd have more "closure" if we could play them again.  I'm not happy being 0-1 against that school. 

On the Ohio thing, it's not entirely clear if it was Brandon's preference to play them in midseason or not, but in any event, he let the fans know what was going on and gave them a chance to voice their concerns.  He did not have to do that.  If he hadn't, the Game would probably be in October now.



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I'm also onboard with bringing App State in.  When someone is busting you balls about something, you joke along with it to get it to stop.  Throwing a hissy fit just ensures the ball busting continues.  

I want Appy State on the schedule every 4 years or so myself.  Let them come, they earned it.  Out of all the smaller schools I want to see come in and collect a paycheck, Appy State is near the top of that list.  At least they put up a fight, unlike most of the bodybags.  Delware State and its amazing band are welcome as well.  Actually maybe we should just rent the band for the game where our opponent declines to bring one.

snarling wolverine

August 22nd, 2012 at 3:14 PM ^

That goes both ways.  If AppSt wants to play us again and we say "No," wouldn't it make us look bad, like we'd be ducking them?  

Obviously, there are two schools on thought on this game.  To me, the bottom line is that Brandon has taken a slot in the schedule allotted for a bodybag game and filled it with a fairly interesting opponent.  I think that's good.  I don't think it's any kind of a blunder on his part.



snarling wolverine

August 22nd, 2012 at 3:20 PM ^

The thing that bothers me about this is that the kid is so young.  To you and me, it might not sound like a big deal to have to turn your t-shirt inside out, but for a 5-year-old to be scolded by his teacher in front of the class over his clothes, that could be pretty hurtful.

I don't see why the school couldn't have just called home, or pinned a note to his shirt, asking the parents to not repeat their "mistake," rather than make a scene.

Waters Demos

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That sounds like something I would say, something I've actually said countless times in a desperate and futile attempt to quash my borderline incredulity.  It's kinda like trailing the asshole in the right lane at a redlight who's not turning right but everyone behind him is, but he just had to be first and now no one can turn and go about their day. 

Fuck that guy. 

Actually, this isn't like that at all.  Whatever - good post.

Feat of Clay

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Yeah, I'd roll my eyes, but this is not the hill I'd choose to die on.  

I'd be a little embarrassed that I had let my poor kid get singled out by breaking the dress code--I'm supposed to stay on top of those things, dumb rules or no.