Dave Brandon sends snarky email back to alum

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Ed-Ace: Did some digging on this and while I haven't been able to get my hands on the original email, I can confirm that if real it is from December of 2013 or earlier, not last weekend. Doesn't change the content of the email, of course, but it does change the context.

Just some background here, my friend comes from a family of Michigan alums. Her aunt who is an alum had enough of this garbage so she decided to speak up.

She sent a very respectful email to Dave Brandon that was well-written on their families' opinion of the job he is doing and she said that they no longer were season ticket holders.

This is by no means a fake. This is his actual email which I have confirmed on here before, as has another poster when he posted a story about DB snapping back at him. 

She thought I should pass this along and I found this very interesting given the interview coming out today. 

I guess we found out those more important things that Dave had to do...


When asked why he didn't address questions sooner: "Frankly, I've been busy doing things that I think are frankly more important." — Brandon

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) October 2, 2014

EDIT: Apologies! I originally posted the photo from a direct message on twitter but I've uploaded it onto another site.



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who mentioned student complaints about ticket prices to him at a[n I think Connecticut] fund raiser, and says he leaned over to him and said, "Fuck 'em." 

This stuff should not be a surprise coming from a guy who said of companies he flipped, "If it ain't broke, break it." There were lives and jobs somewhere far beneath him in the mix. Still, it's great that some of it comes back to haunt. 


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that needs to be sent to the Regents and President.  Schlissel may be cautious about taking action given his unfamiliarity with the program (so far). But he can certainly understand this behavior for what it is.

I have had little interest in any boycott conversation to date--support the team, make concerns known otherwise--but if Brandon thinks he's going to cherry-pick media outlets, slow play the criticism and win a PR war, then apparently something more will need to be done--and I will be onboard.

EDIT: [while my comment relates principally to the NYC conversation, based on my further reading of the comments below, I too believe this thread should be deleted until/unless there if further confirmation.  WD-please stop posting every thought or rumor you hear.  Take a break. Shoot a hoop.  Fuck an adult of your choice.]


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I'm not normally one to curse, but what the FUCK is more important? What's more important than maintaining the face and image of the University of Michigan? This story has been front page on every news/sports/gossip/whatever website for 5 days too long and we're still a national joke. He's hung the school and football program out to dry and now he says this?


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Not to go too far OT, but my great x 3 grandfather Sam was in the 24th Michigan, and was wounded at Gettysburg. That's why I use the Iron Brigade image as mine.

Welcome to another Civil War enthusiast, and Go Blue! (both the UM and Union varieties.)


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...but could you share the email that was sent to Dave Brandon? Unacceptable response either way, but would be helpful to have the context he was replying to


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I actually asked him if he could get the initial e-mail over Twitter because I think context is going to be rather necessary here. Hopefully, we can get it. I agree though - this is something where you'd rather know what he was responding to, even though he shouldn't respond to anything regardless like this in his position, if indeed this is authentic.