dave brandon in dallas

Submitted by Brandon_L on January 10th, 2011 at 6:37 AM

per Ira Weintrab of WTKA radio in ann arbor. He also talks about how funny it is for everyone to be tracking the UofM plane. But ultimately we do know he is using the dominos plane if it in fact is in Dallas. take it with a grain of salt. Im to the point now I am willing to bet money we will have a coach on wednesday. Brandon is going to spend the week that the state of michigan requires him to use before he is allowed to hire anyone.



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Well I would hope we would have a coach by the end of the week. IMO it would be disasterous to wait longer. What is there....three weeks left until signing day? Every day gone by at this point is another day we're out on recruiting. That's why I don't think it will be Hoke and why I do think it will be Les. No point in waiting this long if all along you were planning on taking Hoke.


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I supported RR since day 1. It is sad that it didn't work out. I will support whoever the new HC is because I love Michigan. Miles is not my first choice, but he is not my last either. Personally, I am at the point that I don't really care who the coach is, as long as we start beating the shit out of tOSU and Sparty again every year.


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I wasn't pro Miles at first. At this point, I have looked at what he does and that's WIN. You cannot take that away from him and he's a hell of a recruiter (Definitely helped by LA hotbed that likes to stay home at LSU which also opens up his LA pipeline to us). His offense is diverse running some power football, option, spread em out and trick plays. But most importantly, he fields a hell of a defense every year and his D-Coordinator is highly regarded. His name alone would help with high school kids over someone like Hoke.

At this point, hire a coach for the love of god and lets start poaching some recruits!

GO BLUE fuk msu/osu


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Yeah I think Miles would be the better pick over Hoke at this point. Again, he still isn't my first choice but I think that he could get Michigan back to winning and bringing in high profile players. Nothing against our current players, but I think Miles would be able to use Denard and co. and build upon them.


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for Brandon to be in Dallas, because he should be able to get a lot of interviews out of the way with the coaches confrence going on there.  I too am thinking wednesday, and for some reason there is a rumor going around (including on Rivals) that the coach named is going to come out of nowhere.

I think we all want this to be over with by wednesday, but I would wait a little longer if it were someone like John Harbaugh.


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Logic hasn't appliled so far; I'm not holding my breath.  It would be pretty funny, though, if he has already made his decision and was just flying around to mislead the media and keep from being interviewed by any of the instate outlets. 


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It is one of Miles, Hoke or Patterson. Everyone is focused on Miles, both because he is the most logical choice and because we seem to have a "wolverine-winged" plane spending tons of time at the Baton Rouge airport. If DB is trying to keep this a secret, the last thing he would do is park such an obvious aircraft in LSU country. That means the "wolverine-winged" plane was sent there by DB as a decoy to throw everyone off (and it has worked beautifully).

So, is it Hoke or Patterson? We could have had Hoke days ago and that hire will do little to heal the rift in the Michigan family (and DB knows this), so my money is on Patterson.


January 10th, 2011 at 8:07 AM ^

So what would be the purpose of this conspiracy theory?  What good does it do anyone, especially Brandon, to intentionally mislead the media?  I think you're drastically overestimating how much DB cares whether we know what's going on or not.


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Don't forget that last time we were looking for a head coach, les miles was given the outsider treatment for his actions, and his history w/ michigan was overlooked. The regime has shifted since then, but it is unclear how much. I'm not quite convinced things have changed, but maybe the program has become desperate enough to take a flyer on him.

I would much rather have Patterson, but Miles seems to have the momentum now...at least that of the internets...


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The coach will be introduced during the OSU game Wednesday but I think will know before then. There got to be a leak once the coach signs. It would be truly amazing if at half DB wheels out a coach without us knowing.  


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DB understands PR pretty well. If it's someone shocking and impressive like stoops, patterson, gruden, (maybe miles), then I could see a big intro at the game. But, I think he knows better to trot out an unproven commodity like Hoke in front of thousands of fans who expect the very best. He'll have to ask himself what the potential backlash would be.


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I think it would be a safe bet that we have Michigan representatives on the "Winged Helmet" plane jetting around SEC country, but that DB is in Dallas at the coaching conference.


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There are three aircraft involved, but they would never keep flying the "wolverine-winged" one (or probably even the Dominos one) into the Baton Rouge airport if they did not want it to be seen there. It is too obvious a blunder to really be a blunder. It has to be intentional. And I agree that Brandon is spending most of his time in Dallas interviewing Patterson, Hoke and potential coordinators. He will meet with Miles on Tuesday when Miles flies to Dallas to speak at the convention. Miles will be the last person he meets with directly.