Dave Brandon and leadership

Submitted by chris16w on January 8th, 2011 at 2:50 PM

Reading Dave Brandon's mind is impossible, as he seems to do things his own way no matter what. So, to get a better idea of who our next coach may be, I thought it would be most efficient to look at what qualities he values in a leader, and who he has endorsed in the past. I don't know about any specific personnel decisions that he made while CEO of Domino's, but I can think of four people who, when the odds were stacked against them, he entrusted to lead a program with a rich tradition like U of M's.


Hopefully we won't have any more socialist offenses.

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cmon...not cool.


If this was 2 Republicans and 2 Democrats, I still would not agree with it.  But please don't get this board headed towards anything political....


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Best thing about having the board back up and operating as normal is that I have the ability to upvote you again.  We WILL set you free!!!!!

Worst thing - see above post.


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You absolutely earned mine.  Plus that pic you posted of you and your sons at the stadium was way cool too.  Might take us a while but we'll get you out. 

The funny thing is that i HAVE read your emo post and IMO if that was worth -10,000 points then the above post is worth -100,000.


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That's true, but firing your head coach one month before national signing day without already having a replacement in hand probably does. 

At this point, with our recruiting class disintegrating right before our eyes, it's hard to really argue that Brandon has handled this with anything even resembling competence. 


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has a plan is smoking something. It is clear that what happened was DB while courting JH was still unsure what to do with RR.

While he was dithering, the 49'ers fired their coach, JH team clobbered a pretty good VT team and other coaching vacancies were filled/or extension offered and signed. Harbaugh was lost as probably Gary Paterson.

DB is scrambling now and is as clueless as the rest of us who the next coach will be. To read into his actions as a deliberate considered approach is far off the mark. He may still end up with a good candidate but that would more a matter of luck and not a selection "according to plan".

DB dropped the ball and it may well be a good case study for the Harvard Business School. 


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I am so sick of people saying DB is smart and a competent leader.  No one here has any first-hand knowledge of that.  It was conjecture that has no been unequivocally refuted (maybe refudiated is more appropriate for this post?) by the facts of the complete bungling that is the 2nd Memorial Michigan Coaching Debacle of the 2000s.


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not of the U.S. but of the U, of course. Coleman to Michigan and Shalala to Miami both around the same time and both football programs head for the dumper right away!


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Not cool ESPECIALLY given that a Congresswoman was shot up at a constituent event not an hour ago. Really no sense charging up an ultimately frivolous event like the coaching search when crazy people are willing to kill for their beliefs.


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Since the loss to OSU i have been more and more depressed about the state of the program. DB's timing was awful, we have no coach, the top candidates are not an option anymore, our recruiting class is steadily crumbling, and who knows what is going to happen with our existing players. Michigan football is at the nadir of its existence. I guess things can only get better. of course there is zanex too.

El Jeffe

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Point 1.  No. Fucking. Politics. Dumbass.

Point 2.  Re this:

I can think of four people who, when the odds were stacked against them, he entrusted to lead a program with a rich tradition like U of M's.

Brandon hired Bush, Palin, McCain, and Cheney? I don't get it.


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This is a highly political insult to conservatives.  I once mentioned Obama in passing in a post and it was instantly stickened from the record.  How about some balance?  These pictures and this post need to be immediately removed, or you will in fact prove that you have an extreme bias.