Darryl Stonum Sets Single Season Return Record

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In 12 games this year, Darryl Stonum was the first player in Michigan Football history to surpass 1,000 return yards in one season. So we're talking about a feat never accomplished by Anthony Carter or Steve Breaston or anyone else. By a sophomore. That's exciting, right?

Nice job D-Stone! And here's to 2 more great years!



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Much like the OP I was thinking this little stat was a silver lining to the cloud that was our season, but as I sat there against OSU last weekend, the fact Bando mentioned hit me like a ton of bricks...maybe he just had a ton more opportunities than the other folks, bummer...

I guess someone could look to try to find the actual stats and determine whether Stonum's were artificially inflated...


edit: I see RDL pretty much knocked this down...good post...


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Among players who have returned at least 15 kickoffs in a season, Stonum has the sixth-highest average in school history.

1. Desmond Howard, 1990 - 29.6
2. Anthony Carter, 1980 - 28.5
3. Steve Breaston, 2005 - 28.1
4. Desmond Howard, 1991 - 27.5
5. Anthony Carter, 1981 - 27.1
6. Darryl Stonum, 2009 - 25.7
7. Steve Breaston, 2004 - 24.8
8. Seth Smith, 1994 - 24.8
9. Boubacar Cissoko, 2008 - 23.4
10. Martavious Odoms, 2008 - 23.1

If you limit it to players who recorded 20 or more returns, Stonum is second, behind only Breaston in 2005. Obviously, the more you return, the less any one great return is weighted in the average, so for Stonum to keep up an average of over 25 yards per return over 39 returns is very impressive. In terms of total KO return yardage, Stonum absolutely shattered the record:

1. Darryl Stonum, 2009 - 1,001 yards
2. Steve Breaston, 2004 - 689 yards
3. Steve Breaston, 2005 - 646 yards
4. Jeremy LeSueur, 2002 - 583 yards
5. Desmond Howard, 1990 - 504 yards


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Indeed, that kickoff return vs. ND was one of the season highlights, for sure...

He did it in less opportunities, too, the U-M record for kick returns in a season is Steve Breaston with 54, Stonum had only 39!


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Stonum's 39 returns was the most ever by a Michigan player by far. The most Breaston had in a year was 28 attempts (689 yards) in 2004. That was the Michigan record before this year. Breaston had 1002 combined punt and kick returns in 2005, which is one more yard than Stonum (1001 KO, 0 PR). Breaston did have 54 total returns in 2003, but 45 were punt returns and only 9 were kick returns.

The record for highest KR average with a minimum of 1 KR per game is Dave Raimey with 30.8 in 1961, Desmond Howard is 2nd with 29.6 in 1990. Anthony Carter is 3rd (1980) and Breaston is 4th (2005)

Carter is first in career average for those players with more than 20 returns with an average of 26.9. Stonum is 2nd on that list currently (but could move up or down) with a 25.6 average. Breaston's career average was 24.6.


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Stonum definitely has a knack for finding the seam on the kick return and is deceptively fast. I'm hoping to see him have more success in the vertical passing game next season. Need a solid deep threat to emerge.


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That is amazing. He had a really great season. It's nice to know that we have a fairly dependable return guy after the last two years gave us very little to nothing in returns.
Now, I don't know about you guys, but I was getting REALLY SICK AND TIRED of reading the Daily RIP our special teams apart. In their 'Quick Breakdown' on Sports Monday, they would always say that Stonum was very ineffective after the Notre Dame game. Granted, he lost a BIT of production, but he was still consistently getting us decent field production. Also, after the OSU game, they gave us one Zoltan (their measurment for performance on special teams) and it said, "Poor Jason Olesnavage. The 5th yr senior was 1 for 4 on fgs 26 yards or less, and 10 of 11 from 27 or farther." They also said that if he would have made the field goal, it would have been a different game, but, come on. That constitutes a single Zoltan? It seemed like the Daily was always rooting against our team.
Sorry. End rant.


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Stonum was great on kick returns all year. Also, his receiving touchdown against State was one of my favorite moments of the season, weaving through defenders and stiff-arming some db. It's fun to watch him with the ball in his hands.

Yinka Double Dare

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We had a lot of good field position after kickoffs on Stonum returns. The touchdown was obviously great, but we were pretty regularly somewhere between the 35 and midfield. He's a weapon back there.


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the D did allow stonum to get a lot more returns than the average michigan returner would usually get, it's still very obvious that darryl is a great returner. darryl was probably the best (pleasant) surprise of the season


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Actually, this is also the record for most Kickoff Returns in a season. Breaston never had 54 kickoff returns in a year (in 2003, he had 9 kickoff returns and 45 punt returns, maybe that's where you are getting the 54, QuarterbackU).


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He's one of those players that makes me think how bright the future could be. I have watched his KO-return-for-TD vs. ND at least a 100 times. Never, ever get tired of that stuff.


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stonum's a solid return man, but this is nothing more than the result of having one of the worst defenses in uofm history and getting kicked off to a lot.