Darius Morris on the Journey

Submitted by Shoelaces_Pfft on July 1st, 2011 at 1:24 AM
It's kinda late but Darius Morris will be featured on The Journey: Big Ten Basketball, it's on at 8:00am. It follows his best moments from last season all the way up to draft day. So go and set your DVR's.



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Kinda complete BS that these kids have no opportunity to try return to college if things don't work out in the draft (or in the NFL/NBA for whatever reason).  I know its a moot point considering he hired an agent, but he didn't really have a choice.  Honestly, though...if you declare and compete in workouts completely out of pocket, and don't get drafted (or do get drafted, but never sign a contract cuz of a lockout), what is the harm in going through the process then returning to college?

Hell, college hockey players are allowed to get drafted and still compete, why does the NCAA allow this but not allow it for NFL/NBA?


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I agree that they need to look at the MLB, or NHL model for how they draft these kids, but if there is no reprecussions at all for going through th eprocess, then every player will declare, and every college coach will be clueless as to how his team will look until players get drafted, or not, sign a FA deal or not.  Unless they overhaul the whole thing, it kinda has to be this way.

Really sucks that it is going to work out so poorly for DM in this instance.


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He absolutely had a choice.  No one forced him to get an agent, just like no one forced him to go pro when nearly any and every NBA analyst said a prolonged lockout would be coming.  Darius made his choices, and now he has to deal with the consequences. 

Best case scenario for him is that there is half a season for him to prove himself in the league and hope that the Lakers don't draft or sign another PG in the 2012 offseason.  Worst case?  The entire NBA season is cancelled (a distinct possibility), he goes an entire year with out getting paid, and then he has to compete for a spot on the team against a whole new draft class that has been playing basketball for the last year.

He's not in a good spot.  At all.  This is why people thought he should stay in school.


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Thanks for the catch.  I just set it to tape.  (I had heard it would be on July 4.  Maybe it will be repeated on Monday.)


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may not include playing any basketball this year.

Those who stay will be champions. Those who leave sign contracts. Maybe.