Darian Roseboro Open Thread

Submitted by robbyt003 on August 29th, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Announces at 2:30pm ET on ESPN.com. LINK

There is a paywalled article on ESPN regarding it, unfortunately it's not looking good.


Basically it talks about how distance has became a key factor for him and that's why NC State is the presumed leader.  

Lets hope they're wrong, GO BLUE!



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As we've seen in some decisions that have gone our way recently, a lot of analysts breaking for one team late is usually a sign that something has changed. We'll see. I think we'll be fine either way.


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At this point, I want Roseboro more than any other remaining recruit. When you have a beast or two at that position, it changes the whole complexion of the game.


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Has he actually been wrong when he's issued a "gut feeling," or are you talking about when he's said something along the lines that he likes Michigan's chances? The two aren't the same thing. The way Sam talked this morning, it would be a major upset if Roseboro doesn't go blue.

I've seen this same scenario play out before where people doubt Sam's gut, and he's then proven correct and then reveals the inside info that led him to issue the gut feeling.

It's entirely possible that someone is simply trying to inject some suspense into the announcement by putting out disinformation about a late change of heart.

All Day

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Sam's "gut" is usually based on something direct from that player or the person handling his recruitment. Now, when Sam doesn't have that intimate knowledge he continues to do his job and report and says things like "M is in a good position" or whatever. He's a smart guy and isn't going to a) put himself out of a limb withont info and b) betray the kids' trust by rushing to be the first to report.


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I appreciate what Sam does and know that his gut feelings are always tied to either the recruit saying he's 100% committed or the recruits representative/parent.  I'm just saying recruits are fickle.  Until they 1) verbally committ and 2) sign the letter of intent, I don't put much weight in any of it.  


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This isn't really correct. As others have already said below, Sam's "gut feelings" are very different from just his normal optimism. The only "gut feeling" that I can recall that went the other way was Sean Parker. I've listened to Sam since he first came on WTKA, and in every instance after a "gut feeling" recruit did commit to Michigan, it's turned out that the commit essentially told Sam beforehand that he was going to come to Michigan, and the whole "gut feeling" thing is just Sam's way of communicating this without coming right out and pre-empting the kid's own announcement.

Webb never had a "gut feeling" about Hand, and I don't believe he ever had one about McDowell, either. His reluctance to issue one was confirmed by events. Obviously we're all hoping that Sam's gut is accurate this time as well.


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Sam Webb, continued his GUT feel for us this morning. He sounded VERY confident this kid is going Blue. I trust Sam's gut, but suppose anything is possible. either way, i think this kid may end up in this class, even if he chooses NC state today. long way to go to NLOI DAY.


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If he wants to make a career out of football - which he's probably planning to do at that size - then Michigan is the obvious choice. I never really get the whole "I want to stay close to home" thing. You either want to accomplish your dream or you don't. Why not put yourself in the best possible position to achieve success?


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That's somewhat true, but going to better schools, having better facilities/programs, having better coaching, etc. should lead to more opportunities. If you are a senior at Michigan, you are virtually guaranteed an UFA spot on a team if you don't get drafted. There's no way to tell, but I'm sure there have been some quality players at lesser schools who have received fewer chances or have not reached their potential because of where they played.


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I agree with you for the most part, but with one caveat. Between NC State and Michigan, the choice seems obvious. But that's really limiting the choice. Roseboro could go to South Carolina or Clemson and be about 2 hours from home. He could go to Georgia or Tennessee and be only 3 hours away. If you go by the number of players a school is sending to the NFL (your argument above,) there are plenty of places where Roseboro could go, work to accomplish his dream, and be closer to home.

At the end of the day, you need to go to a place where you're comfortable that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. If that's Michigan, wonderful. If someplace closer can do the same, I would understand.


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Yes, but the choice here seems to be:

a) Go to an accomplished school with coaches I like who can get me to the NFL.

b) Go to a local school where my family can cheer for me.

I don't really care whether choice "A" means South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, or Michigan. If I'm looking for success (whether I'm the kid or the parent), that should be my pick.

Anyway, I won't hate on the kids either way. It's up to them. I just don't understand when people let things like "my family's close" get in the way, unless there's a medical situation. For example, I could understand if Bryan Mone stayed close to home because of his brother. I don't know of any similar situations with someone like Roseboro or the numerous other players who weigh the Home vs. Football conundrum.

turd ferguson

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I generally agree, but remember that these are 16/17-year-old kids, many of whom have hardly left their hometown, and it can be scary to move across the country for college.  The best move in most cases is probably to suck it up and deal with the distance, but it's not like homesickness isn't a real thing that damages some kids' college experiences.  

Plus, on the mom side, it has to be hard to see your baby leave home for an entirely different state, especially if you don't have the resources to visit him or have him visit you often.

Again, the rational thing is probably just to get over this stuff, but people are human and we're talking about kids and parents making a huge decision at an emotionally heavy time in their lives.