Darian Cooper off the board??

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I was just reading this weeks Rivals Weekly Whispers article and one of the prospects they mentioned was Darian Cooper. It mentioned that Michigan State seems to be in the lead and he has visits set up for them and Ga. Tech. It also mentions Penn State and Iowa being in the mix, but no mention of Michigan at all. Tom's most recent update on him last week said this was probably our best chance at a D Tackle. Maybe Tom or Tim or anyone else could shed some light on the situation?




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Yeah, I'm pretty sure he is our best shot as of right now, and it's not looking good. I believe his current teammate (Darien Harris) is already committed to MSU and I believe that is why the interest is so strong there.


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Michigan coaches were just in house with Darian last night. He hasn't scheduled his official to Michigan yet, but has always said he would be going back sometime in the winter.

He told me that he should have all his visits scheduled by the end of this week, so we should know where we stand soon.

His Dudeness

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I agree we could use one, but if there isn't the talent there we shouldn't reach for a kid who isn't D-1 talent. We will be fine with depth and can offer next year. I just don't see why people freak out about it so much. Hell, we have even seen OL become DL... imagine that... I wouldn't worry about it. People get crazy about the offensive recruiting when so many guys switch positions in college it's crazy. Obi was a RB in high school. If guys want to come to Michigan who are D-1 level talent then I will take them. Calming. Relaxation.


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If we are including guys like Rock and Heininger at DT, then we should include Kenny Wilkins as well.  He's listed at 270 on the roster and from what I hear, the kid looks huge.  Considering he was praised for his athleticism out of high school, he's someone who could  be a real beast on the line for us.  If he can be in the 'hood of 290 in a couple years, he's a DT for sure. 

Also, I noticed that mgoblue.com has Terry Talbott listed at 260 now, he was 249 or something before the season.  It's good to see he's put on some el bees. 


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Well, he's kind of a tweener, and he'll probably play where he's needed most.  Kind of like RVB.  When BG was here, he played tackle.  When BG left and we had no proven DEs, he moved there.  Heininger is listed at 6'6", 277lbs on the roster.  That's either a relatively big DE or a relatively small DT (although Patterson is the backup at NT this year at 275).  Mgoblue.com actually lists Heininger as a DT, though.

Like I said, he'll probably play where he's needed. 


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Hopefully that is not true.  I remember reading that he became good friends with Delonte Hallowell at one of the BBQ @ The Big House events and that he was going to visit him again. 


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Oh ya I forgot he was a 2 star.  I remember there was some posts about his legs being too short.  I think Ray has done a nice job a proving some people wrong on this board.

The Baughz

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Robert Trudo is western PA kid (Farrell High School). I coach at Sharon High School (Marlin Jackson's alma mater) and we played Farrell first game of the season. This kid is a beast. I have seen him play 3 games this year and he dominated every one of them. With that being said, Im not sure if he is Michigan worthy but he possesses a lot of positive qualities. He is big, strong, and fast for his size. He plays in single A which is the lowest division of football in PA so the comeptition level isnt great. From what I heard from the guys around the valley, he loves Syracuse and probably will not decommit.


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...that is a bad, bad sign.  The one thing we still have left over lil' bro is the ability to recruit out of State.  If that goes away then the green and white will start to pass us as  a program.  I'd never thought that would happen. 


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Take a deep breath. Losing one recruit to them from the state of Maryland will not doom our out of state recruiting. It's not like they're sweeping in and taking Dee Hart. Like I said, their apparent lead is probably due to the fact that Cooper's teammate is already committed to them.


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outside the state of Michigan who are ranked higher than 3 stars to Rivals (they actually only have one player ranked higher than 3 stars, regardless of state). 

Michigan, despite 3 incredibly rough years, currently has Dee Hart and Dallas Crawford (currently a 3 star, likely won't end up that way), and also leads or is in the top group for Wayne Lyons, Blake Countess, Chris Bryant, Kris Frost and Avery Walls, and Jack Tabb, all of whom are out of state guys ranked 4 stars or higher.  Michigan is also still in it for Timmy Jernigan and Lamar Dawson, and finished 2nd for Sammy Watkins. 

MSU is currently in on Darian Cooper and Doran Grant. 

Color me not particularly concerned about the two programs' abilities to recruit nationally.


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...but State is getting better and we are not.  Frankly there was a time when a kid like Darian Cooper would never consider MSU.  If the Spartans can start to beat us on out of State kids head to head then we are in trouble as a program.  I don't like the precident. 


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and this is silly.  Jeff Smoker was from Pennsylvania.  Roland Martin was from Illinois.  Michigan State, throughout their history, even when they suck, even when they're getting totally pwned by Michigan, has always pulled in some highly rated guys from outside the state of Michigan, including some kids that had Michigan offers.  To expect otherwise is absurd. 

This year, like pretty much every other year in history, Michigan is crushing Michigan State in out-of-state recruiting (there's a pretty decent chance they'll end up beating MSU in in-state recruiting too, but that's a different convo).  That Darian Cooper likes Michigan State in no way alters any of that. 


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...I mean its not like they are competing for a big ten title.  Or have beaten us 3 years in a row.  Or have the only 5 star player in the state for the last 2 years.  I mean those things are nothing to build on when going head to head with a recruit.  We're Michigan!!!  That's enough. 


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Michigan has a hard time recruiting Southeastern and Rennaissance.  This has nothing to do with the last three years.  Those "5 star" players likely would have chosen MSU even if Michigan won an MNC in 2008.