Dantonio tells players to "keep their mouths shut" re: Michigan/Bama

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I know there's a thread about this silly twitter war, but I figured that Dantonio commenting on it was big enough news.

Direct quotes from today's presser:

"I didn't see much difference when we played Alabama a couple of years ago. Our guys need to keep their mouths shut, especially the ones who aren't playing."

"I'll address that with our football team. I think it was disrespectful. "

"I don't think that's something that we should be doing. The credit goes to the person in the arena. Michigan has a tremendous team."




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I'll read about State here, even the Trolls. And I'll read about them if there's a Michigan - Michigan State related article at the News, the Freep, or ESPN. But I just don't have any interest in their blogs, maybe because of what I read at mgoblog. I get the sense that they are pretty juvenile ICP types who can't spell and remind me of why I left mlive never to go back.

Upon reflection, that may be too quick a judgement, and maybe I should check their blogs out on my own. (I've just taken the word of those here at mgoblog, without reading "on the banks of the Red Cedar" or other blogs myself.)

I do think that Dantonio said the right thing, and that he's right to be irked with State players mouthing off on the sideline.

It wasn't worthy of a post here, but my daughter mentioned that after the Alabama game, she ran into a bunch of Michigan Haterz on Facebook and at her workplace. I think most of them were either from MSU or Illinois. I told her they were just jealous, and would use any excuse to bash Michigan, and brought up the overall W-L record between Michigan and those respective teams. It also struck me that cowards et al can mouth off all they want right now, but Michigan will shut them up well enough on the playing field. I can easily see Michigan piling on Michigan State if they get the chance.


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Dumb players and dumb fans get off on anything, even if it makes them look stupid. 

It's kind of like back in 07 when MSU sold those t-shirts with the final score of our game with App. State.  And all I kept thinking was.... "But...you lost to the team that lost to App. State."

This may be the first time Dantonio has said something logical.  I watched when they played Bama in their bowl game.  The Tide was trying with all their might not to score in the second half.  And when they scored to go up 45-7, Saban actually looked angry.  


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While I can’t say that it’s wrong, or not part of the rivalry, I can say that it’s a bit premature, as well as ridiculous, considering what happened to MSU when they played ALA, 2 years ago. I’ve never mentioned that loss before, because if I recall, Michigan got blown out of the stadium, in their bowl game that year, 14-52, by Mississippi State.

ALA made Michigan look like a pile of garbage. Denard can’t throw now, nor could he ever. Throwing the ball on your back foot, into the air, over 20 yards, is a recipe for interceptions (for him), and terrible overthrows. He wasn’t even under pressure, as far as I could tell. And Michigan’s RB V.Smith looks all of 5’5”.  Spartan fans are right…..Denard is a star against crappy competition, but when it comes to good teams, and good coordinators, he’s bottled up. Especially when he’s one-dimensional. This is not to say that he’s overrated…as I honestly think he’s top 5-10 athletes in the country, I just think that he wasn’t given the opportunity to succeed in that Alabama game. Love the guy, and enjoy watching him play, it's just painful to see him get knocked around so much.

I know Spartan fans hate Saban…..and maybe that’s why they ran up the score on MSU  years ago, but I thought the Mich/ALA was played fairly well, sportsmanship-wize. Alabama probably could have put 56-60 points on Michigan if they wanted to. Who knows, maybe Saban likes Hoke. More than I can say for OSU and ND both scoring with less than a minute remaining, to try and put 50 on their opposition. I have to admit, I miss the old fashion respect between coaches. Something that is clearly fleeting in this age of college football. How Hoke handles his teams in the future, remains to be seen, but from what I’ve seen in the past 2 years, I’m proud that he’s our coach.

MSU has a solid team. I enjoyed their victory over BSU.It still amazes me how much attention MSU puts on U of M. While I can’t say for a fact that MICH players have never tweeted about MSU, I’m certain that the majority of rivalry tweets, come from MSU players. I guess that’s fine…but as I mentioned….I think some of it is premature, and probably considered by most, including D’Antonio as unsportsmanlike. The truth is, MSU has a great team, and would be better to not concentrate on Michigan so much. Instead of looking in the rear view mirror, they should look forward, and let their play do the talking…which they obviously have done the last couple years. By giving Michigan attention, it just lends credence to the notion that they feel inferior, and have something to prove. Maybe they do….but I just think that MSU would be better off letting their football record speak for their athletes, rather than individual statements, alluding to years of frustration.

I guess it is what it is though. Young kids, and old kids, doing stupid things, and when it’s all said and done, the only thing that matters is who wins the game each year. Something that Michigan  has been unable to do in a long time. Sure it frustrates me when people post stuff about Michigan’s time being over….but that too, is part of the football experience. MSU appears to be have the better team than Michigan this year…but as they say, this is why they play the game. 


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I don't feel like he had much of a choice, but it was good that he stepped up.  The fact that a former MSU basketball player felt the need to make an inapporpriate comment during the game is one thing, but why actual players on MSU would start taking shots at a future opponent is beyond me.  Bama beat the crap out of MSU two years ago, and basically did the same to everyone else over the past couple of years.  MSU was down 28-0 at halftime, and didn't score until well into the 4th quarter against Alabama's scrubs.  To act like they would have performed demonstrably better against Alabama is foolish given how hard it was for them to move the ball against Boise.


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To be fair (and yes, I'm an MSU fan and have said so many times before), MSU didn't have a hard time moving the ball against Boise.  In fact, MSU had more than double the yards Boise had... 461 to 206.  Le'Veon Bell alone outgained Boise State.

What happened is that MSU kept shooting itself in the foot with turnovers.  Two of them were in the red zone (one was at the goal line)... and all of Boise's points came off turnovers.  It easily could've been a blowout if Maxwell and the receivers were on the same page.  Maxwell was late on a few of his throws, and the receivers dropped the ball a lot (twice the ball bounced off an MSU receiver's hands and into the hands of a defender).


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While I don't doubt your analysis about Boise/MSU, Alabama is a whole different animal. I don't think you guys would have given up 41 against Alabama, but I'd also be surprised if you scored more than six or so, and I'm thinking those both come from field goals off good field position as a result of defense or special teams.

Until we see it played out, I think it's pretty fair to say that Michigan has the advantage on offense, while it looks like MSU will have the stronger defense.

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Wow, never expected this from Dantonio, but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm even more impressed that he brought up MSU's beating at the hands of Alabama. That was just as bad of a loss, if not a worse one than we suffered. 

Its funny how some of his players seem to forget that they themselves were absolutely annihilated by the same team two years ago. Pretty funny too how all of this immature twitter trash talking plays right into the little brother theme.


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this shit went right around the country. Perceptions are huge. Most of the media reporting failed to note that MSU had been beaten more badly a short time ago. 

Of course the tweeters are fools. Of course we got whupped. But this really suggested a degeneration of the game and sport we all claim to love, a stunning lack of sportsmanship. 

Here Dantonio at least realizes that lip service to common decency needs to be paid.

Maybe people who already live in the tit-for-tat TV world of celebrity gossip and drivel don't recognize this but it is important. Those tweets were the kind of thing that makes me want to turn off the set forever.

And you don't think that kind of stuff would demoralize the players? Spare me the lectures about how THEY are "butt-hurt," etcetera. The train has left the station on such tired cliches. 


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wants his team focused on Central Michigan right now?

After all, 3 years ago the Spartans lost at home 27-29.

MSU has a decent shot to win the Big 10 this year, so they don't need stupid tweets from players effing up the focus and the quan.



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I'm sure Delvon had aspirations of the NBA early in his MSU career but that was tabled when his knees decided they'd rather be constructed out of mashed potatoes.  In hindsight it really couldn't have happened to a classier dude.  Sparty on, Delvon.


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It's the smart move on Dantonio's part.

Dantonio wishes to elevate the way MSU is seen in the Big 10 and nationally.  The first thing to do is win games, naturally.  The second thing to do is create a sense of sportsmanship about the program.  This is one aspect of the latter.

Whether it's sincere or not is impossible for us to tell right now.  But it doesn't matter.  It's the right thing to do and Dantonio was wise to do it.

Credit where credit is due.


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I applaud him for using the example of their own experience against Alabama to put his own team in its place, reminding him they have a little hike before they are in this tier of teams themselves.I imagine that, for those that were there, reminding them of this stung, as it should.   I also applaud him for his use of the word "tremendous" in a proper context.

Something else he said in that same presser about it was interesting too - "You can't be prideful. You need to approach this game with humility. When this becomes personal, that's when it crosses the line."


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So it wasn't possible to suggest that Hart was "being prideful" without making a personal remark about his height?  Also, in this case he's policing the behavior of his own players - does any of us think Brady Hoke would take shots at (or comment at all about) the tweets of MSU players?

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shows the lack of discipline in that program.  Anyone who doubts this statement, just look at the constant stream of dumb penalties MSU racks up in almost every game.  Their penalties kill them quite often and it goes on every year.