Dantonio makes another dumb comment about Michigan

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More Dantonio on that: "If they’re in the conference with us, that’s their problem. Right? They’re the ones that have to deal with it.”    Is this like laying in the weeds and haven't we been in the same conference as them since 1950?



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I don't think Sparty's offense will give anyone a problem in the next couple years. After watching their spring game, and considering what they lost from a bad 2012 offense, the D will have to carry them even more this year than last. But the D will be very good. They'll have a lot of 16-13 tyle games this year.


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Is it the back 7 or front 7?  I guess it's all in how you look at.  I see what you're saying, but I think the effectiveness of the linebackers and Rush at end I think is enough to make them a quality defense.  I still see them as one of the top defenses in the conference which will keep them in games.  The question is will they win those close games?


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I agree their interior defensive line is a weakness.  They won't be as good as they were last year or the year before.  But they still have good linebackers, a good secondary, and at least one good defensive end.  I'm not comparing them to Alabama.  I just think that's enough to be one of the better defenses in the B1G.  You don't think so?  I mean what B1G defense doesn't have a weakness?


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I agree that no team is without weakness, but their entire DL is bad, not just the interior. You're giving Marcus Rush more credit than I think he deserves, yet he's still the best player on that unit. Having no depth in the secondary is one thing, but the DL needs to rotate frequently to play well.

Our defense has weaknesses too, but not an entire poor unit. We probably have one question mark in each position group, but even those aren't as big as theirs.


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you can say what you want to about their defense, but dantonio and narduzzi have essentially built perennial top 5 defenses out of 2 and 3 star recruits (with a few exceptions).  their defenses are always good, and i expect that to be no different this year.  let's not get ahead of ourselves, especially since we really don't know how our OL will gel as a whole, how Borges' play calling will go, or who, if anyone, will really step up at RB.  one or more of those pieces missing and msu's 'average' defense will be very effective against us


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The offensive line and receiving corps will be better than last year.

Quarterbacking won't be worse and probably should be better.

Running back will likely be worse and tight end certainly will.

To be sure, the offense could improve a chunk and still be poor, but I don't think it's a slam dunk that they'll be terrible.


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If MSU wants to shed the "Little Brother" label, they've got to stop saying weird little-brotherish things like this.

It's funny how, regardless of the sport, it's considered completely acceptable for an MSU coach to publicly take shots at Michigan, whereas the Michigan coach is always required to be diplomatic.


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The tweet that preceded the one in the OP, per my timeline anyway:

So, it's a general lack of awareness, if this is to be believed - it didn't seem like it was specifically directed at Michigan. I think this might be what happens if you don't peer above the weeds often enough. 


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Why is this dumb? This is what any football coach anywhere should say. "Why should we be afraid? They should be afraid. We're not lying down for anyone." It's just good coachspeak.


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Nice catch ... correlation is not causation.

But that aside, I really don't care what Dantonio or any other coach says.  The beauty of football is it's settled on the field.  Better still, it's more often than not settled based on the fundamentals, not trickery or PR.

The scoreboard will tell the story.

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I enjoy mocking Sparty as much as the next guy, but sometimes it looks like we're just over-doing it. Here especially. From my perspective, he really didn't say anything all that anti-Michigan. And even if he did, whatever.

Sometimes the best way to deal with Sparty is to just ignore them.


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Dantonio has to fight the perception that they are 2nd tier. Reporters are always going to frame questions as if thy are inferior to UM and OSU. It's probably realistic that they won't reach that top tier, but I'm sure he is tired of those questions, which he takes as jabs. Dantonio can't present himself or talk like they can't be as good as those other programs because then his players start to believe it too. So sometimes, he talks like MSU is an elite program. Some of it has been stupid or unintentionally funny though.


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spurred by the media.  MSU just picked up a DT commitment from the Chicago Area.  I clicked a link to a Spartan media source that noted that in addition to having offers from Syracuse, Cinci, and Arizona (still beating RR for recruits!) and others, the recruit had received VISITS from both Hoke and Meyer in January.  Why was that even worth noting in a Spartan news source?