Dantonio: "I firmly believe this year will be a success." Also potential MSU basketball recruiting schadenfreude

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Tweet from Solari with the quote. No other context given but I agree Mark, this year was a massive success for you guys. Your offense has been stellar the past 3 years and absolutely no changes whatsoever need to be made.

In other Sparty related news, the basketball early signing period ends tomorrow and top 35 composite commit Rocket Watts has still not sent in his LOI to MSU yet. No reason has been given but from MSU boards, but he initially tweeted earlier this week that he would sign this week before deleting the tweet. Now he still hasn't signed and rumors are people in his camp are trying to push him elsewhere. This may end up like McDowell where he signs with MSU anyways despite the protests from his camp, but it seems very possible MSU loses their top rated recruit from their 2019 class.



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Mork is now 31-19 since Harbaugh came to Michigan. We are 38-12 in that same time frame. Two programs clearly going in different directions. That's why I so enjoyed the win in East Lansing. That was some seismic shit, restoring order in the B1G. Now on to Columbus to do more of the same. GO BLUE


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I agree looking since 2015 makes sense so we can compare vs. JH.  

However, after looking at his history, I would break up Dantonio's results into 3 eras.  

They were mediocre for his first three years (07-09).  Then he had 5/6 good years between 2010 and 2015.  But he's regressed considerably since then as you've noted - just 19-12 in the past three years. 



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    Does anyone have a theory on why MSU results have seemed to slump since 2016?  

    Pretty sure their D has been fine, but their ability to score points has dropped drastically.  

    Staff hasn't changed much.  Same for recruiting.  B1G doesn't have a clear trend towards being more competitive.    

    Maybe it's as simple as Connor Cook >> Brian Lewerke and Le'veon Bell > > LJ Scott??

    Recruiting Rank from 24/7

    • 2008 - 42
    • 2009 - 22
    • 2010 - 22
    • 2011 - 32
    • 2012 - 34
    • 2013 - 37
    • 2014 - 26
    • 2015 - 23
    • 2016 - 17
    • 2017 - 36

    B1G vs other conferences

    • 2010 - 8-8
    • 2011 - 9-10
    • 2012 - 8-11
    • 2013 - 7-9
    • 2014 - 11-13
    • 2015 - 12-13
    • 2016 - 9-11
    • 2017 - 14-6
    • 2018 - 7-5


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    As long as little brother knows his place and lower the expectation when defining the success, I am happy. Mark Dantonio deserves to be called with his real name because he understands his place in the universe now.


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    This makes me think of the poll of MSU fans a few years ago (I think in Freep or Detroit News) where MSU fans were asked to pick between beating us in football or our football team losing to OSU, and a majority picked the latter. Just think about that.  I know we are maybe a little biased but objectively, what a bunch of losers. 


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    They talked about what Dantonio said on the radio here and......yeah, I guess you can say whatever you please in a game where you lost AND set the sport back to pre-WWII levels.