Dantonio-Hecklinski incident at MHSFCA clinic today

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This morning at the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association clinic, there was a session on recruiting. Dantonio, Michigan Recruiting Coordinator Keff Hecklinski, Wayne State's coach and a few D3 coaches were on the speaking list. The session was to help high school coaches understand how colleges recruit and what to expect.

Dantonio got up and spoke about their season, Cousins, BK Cunningham and MSU. Hecklinski got up and presented how Michigan sets up their recruiting-recruit the state of Michigan first, then the Midwest, and then nationally.

Dantonio then burst in, interrupts Hecklinski and yells, "We're not here to listen to this. Move on!"

Many coaches in the room were stunned and many lost respect for State and Dantonio because of the incident. To Hecklinski's credit, he didn't add to the childish behavior and represented Michigan with class and honor.

Most coaches were stunned but the jealous, anger-filled behavior turned a lot of people off. Other coaches on the panel were visibly bothered by this unprofessional behavior.



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Appear to be the ultimate Woody Hayes Wannabees.  But Woody won big for a long time Dickhead Dantonio.

Izzo, I don't get it.  I am waiting for his tackling an opponent that is on a fast break.


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Wonder if Dantonio would have tried that if Hoke was talking...

Anyways, this is a partisan Rorschach test.  It does display to high school coaches what their kids will be getting themselves into though.

MGJS SuperKick Party

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Here is what I do not get... If you really wanted to be the smart coach, you would pay attention to what your rival has to say... write it down, go home and figure out the weaknesses and benefit from those weaknesses.

The coaching staff in E.L. has the same maturity level as the elementary school down the road from me...


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USA Today has a story about the incident, and Dantonio comes out as dickish as you would expect, and I certainly would see why coaches would be a little taken aback.


Not only did Dantonio give a 15 minute presentation, but he was supposed to leave after he was done with that.


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Wow.  I had assumed that this whole thing might have been getting slightly exaggerated, but if those are anything close to direct quotes, that's damning.



"OK, here's what we're going to do," Dantonio said. "We're going to get other people up here. We're going to talk about more than the University of Michigan.

"How many guys got a guy that's going to play in the Big Ten?" Dantonio asked the high school coaches. After a couple raised their hands, Dantonio said: "One, two - so the two guys can go back there in the corner and talk about that. All of us right here, we're going to talk about recruiting for everybody. Let's go."


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To interrupt a guy in the middle of a presentation point blank like that as if he's the king of the conference is simply unprofessional no matter what way you look at it. And that's putting it nicely. Especially in the way he did it.

Inferiority complex much?



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If anyone has not read the USA Today article, you should.  http://www.usatoday.com/sports/college/football/bigten/story/2012-01-20/michigan-state-dantonio-michigan-coaching-clinic/52700868/1  Some very nice quotes.  It was written impartially, and without trying to lay blame.  Nonetheless, Dantonio comes off as a horse's arse. 

Apparently he thought he ought to play moderator, even though he knew he wasn't:.

"How many guys got a guy that's going to play in the Big Ten?" Dantonio asked the high school coaches. After a couple raised their hands, Dantonio said: "One, two - so the two guys can go back there in the corner and talk about that. All of us right here, we're going to talk about recruiting for everybody. Let's go."

After a couple awkward seconds of silence, Wayne State coach Paul Winters, Siena Heights coach Jim Lyall and former Alma coach Jim Cole were brought up to participate on the panel -- and Hecklinski's time was done.

Larry Merx of the coaches association said there was a misunderstanding on the format because Dantonio decided to stay for the entire 90-minute panel discussion, rather than leave after giving a 15-minute presentation, as he had planned."

"I really didn't know how this was all going to work, this forum," Dantonio said. "This is the first time we've ever done this, and I just didn't know how this was going to work, and I didn't want it to become a recruiting presentation."

This is.  Just.  Classic. 


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He "didn't want it to become a recruiting presentation"? Who asked him? Was he involved in the planning & presentation of this event?....This is like getting invited to give a Toast at a friends anniversary party, and then interrupting one of the other invited guests when THEY are giving THEIR toast!!!...This is like getting invited to your Nieces High School Play, and then standing up and delaring that the actors are misinterpreting their lines!!! UNREAL....Let's not forget that this is the man who responded to Paul W Smiths question (on a live radio interview) about his (MD's) impressions of UM's new Football coach (RR), by answering, "This isn't a Michigan Coach you're talking to Paul. I coach at MSU & I'd appreciate if you'd ask me questions about MSU" ??? !!! The words were bad enough, but it was his TONE!


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Also, after the success of the Proud Michigan Hater IZZO, it seems clear to me that Hollis has decided to hire ONLY other Proud Michigan Haters... The thing that set MD apart in his interview process was that HE CLEARLY HATED MICHIGAN. This please Hollis very much :) ... Take a look (and a listen) to ST8's new Hockey Coach, and lets remember how he ran the CCHA. Please take a look at his postgame handshakes with Red this year, HE CLEARLY HATES MICHIGAN, & this pleases Hollis very much :)... Please recall how he worked to change the voters preceptions of what the CCHA's "Coach of the Year" award should be about; It should become an award to recognize that years best over-achieving coach, instead of what it used to be, simply an award for the best coach, period! He knew that if the members voted for the best coach period, Red would win once every few years. And he couldn't have that...Folks, it begins & ends with Hollis; He LOVES to hate Michigan.