Dantonio-Hecklinski incident at MHSFCA clinic today

Submitted by SpreadGuru on January 20th, 2012 at 10:51 AM
This morning at the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association clinic, there was a session on recruiting. Dantonio, Michigan Recruiting Coordinator Keff Hecklinski, Wayne State's coach and a few D3 coaches were on the speaking list. The session was to help high school coaches understand how colleges recruit and what to expect.

Dantonio got up and spoke about their season, Cousins, BK Cunningham and MSU. Hecklinski got up and presented how Michigan sets up their recruiting-recruit the state of Michigan first, then the Midwest, and then nationally.

Dantonio then burst in, interrupts Hecklinski and yells, "We're not here to listen to this. Move on!"

Many coaches in the room were stunned and many lost respect for State and Dantonio because of the incident. To Hecklinski's credit, he didn't add to the childish behavior and represented Michigan with class and honor.

Most coaches were stunned but the jealous, anger-filled behavior turned a lot of people off. Other coaches on the panel were visibly bothered by this unprofessional behavior.



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to true second banana status (meaning we beat them regularly, etc.)  I expect a health scare or some other reason for him to flame out and pull a Meyer and take a year off before he and MSU return to mediocrity.


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I can't help but imagine this event unfolding like a Will Ferrel-led SNL skit.  With Will of course playing the role of Mark "You Shut Your Mouth When You're Talking to Me" Dantonio. 


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Thanks for the help! Next time, try to turn a bit purple, it makes for better pictures. No, none of those HS coaches will remember it, you're good.

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be spartys.


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Hilarious how the RCMB slappies are turning this into "Hecklinski was giving a sales pitch about Michigan and brave warrior Dantonio stood up for neutrality." By all accounts, Hecklinski was speaking about how Michigan coordinates recruiting and what they look for during a symposium about "problems facing high school football and recruiting" in front of no recruits whatsoever, while Dantonio got up there and instead of talking about high school football or recruiting talked about how MSU's season went and Kirk Cousins. Who was giving the sales pitch again?


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misunderstanding. LOL.

"Both sides later chalked it up to a misunderstanding in forum’s format."

IMO, even if that was the case, that hardly excuses Dantonio's childish behavior. You sit and bide your time. The moderators are responsible for cutting a person off if he/she goes over his/her allotted time. The Michigan coach said that there is no reason to rehash it because he was being cordial and a good sport about it

I don't think there was any misunderstanding. Dantonio is just trying to cover his [email protected]% for being honest. He is disgruntled that Michigan is back to taking pretty much all the top talent in Michigan. RR focused on the south, on states like Florida, which pretty much allowed MSU to take all the top talent in the state but now that ride is over. Dantonio is just bitter. Our coach took the high road.


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What's important is the reaction of the HS coaches who were present. I cannot believe that the consensus reaction among them privately wasn't "Jesus, can you believe what a fucking dickbag Dantonio is?"


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Yes, I look forward to the reported perception of this "incident" with the coaches all over the state and in SEMich.  That is important.  Hecklinski took the high road, but does that help here?  And...Hoke may arrive tomorrow.  Will it still be discussed?  How will Hoke handle it and how will it be perceived.  I am looking forward to see it play out, however minor, and if we think it can help recruting even more.


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Hoke should step up to the microphone and pick up right where Hecklinski left off and see if Dantonio has the sack to interrupt things again.  My guess is he sits in his seat with that stupid scowl of his and sulks like a 6 year old.


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Did he not even realize - of all things - the recruiting impact of making an ass out of himself in front of high school coaches that coach potential recruits to his program???

Mark needs a serious reality check.  Who does he think he is?  He thought is was okay to talk about his players and his program, yet Michigan should not have such an opportunity?  His disdain for Michigan is out-of-control.


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Sorry about reposting this. I really don't see this thread anywhere on the MGoBoard pages, only on the sidebar to the right. This board has some major technical/design flaws, but I guess that's already been discussed and no action was deemed necessary or whatever...


But anyways, I really hope somebody had a camera rolling. TO THE YOUTUBES.