Dantonio-Hecklinski incident at MHSFCA clinic today

Submitted by SpreadGuru on January 20th, 2012 at 10:51 AM
This morning at the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association clinic, there was a session on recruiting. Dantonio, Michigan Recruiting Coordinator Keff Hecklinski, Wayne State's coach and a few D3 coaches were on the speaking list. The session was to help high school coaches understand how colleges recruit and what to expect.

Dantonio got up and spoke about their season, Cousins, BK Cunningham and MSU. Hecklinski got up and presented how Michigan sets up their recruiting-recruit the state of Michigan first, then the Midwest, and then nationally.

Dantonio then burst in, interrupts Hecklinski and yells, "We're not here to listen to this. Move on!"

Many coaches in the room were stunned and many lost respect for State and Dantonio because of the incident. To Hecklinski's credit, he didn't add to the childish behavior and represented Michigan with class and honor.

Most coaches were stunned but the jealous, anger-filled behavior turned a lot of people off. Other coaches on the panel were visibly bothered by this unprofessional behavior.


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Looks like from the MHSFCA Dec. newsletter that Coach Hoke and Dantonio were supposed to be the keynote speakers for the "Kick off Session".  


This doesn't look like it was supposed to be a breakout session presentation.  Coach Dantonio, while still a douche, could have been right that they weren't there for such a presentation.


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It looks like the session went from 9:30-11:00 this morning and was titled: 

“Important Issues Facing High School Football And Recruiting.”

That's a pretty vague title, but if Heck was talking about the recruiting process, he was at least in the topic's vicinity.

turd ferguson

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I've said this before, but I think Dantonio is the absolute perfect fit for that institution. I don't think there's a better example out there of a head football coach who embodies the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of his program's fans.


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Lloyd was great for Michigan though. Read the classics, all the Michigan Arrogance we could ask for.

Pete Carrol fit at USC too... In an "LA don't care douche" kinda way.

I'd say Holgo is a fit at WVU in an "I'm drunk and I dont Give a F" kinda way...

Bad fits?

Bielema/Wisco - I mean, Madison is almost as Hippy as AA. Bielema is way too much of a broseph.

Al Golden at Miami - who wears a tie on south beach?


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Dear OP- Maybe it's been mentioned once or ten times, but perhaps you could enlighten us as to how you got this info? We're you there? Was a friend? Did you read this somewhere else? Help a pack of brothers out.


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What was Bo Schembechler's record in bowl games? How many "BCS" wins did Bo have?


It's amazing how "BCS" games and arbitrary recruiting rankings have suddenly become the only indicators of success for the entire Michigan fanbase. Never mind the results on the field, the irrational systems based on cash flow and mystical ranking systems are what the real measure of a football team is.


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So if we go to a Rose Bowl next year and barely lose to USC, while you wrangle your way into a "BCS" bowl against another jelly doughnut of a team, you will be more impressed by the Rose Bowl defeat? Face it; your hero couldn't win bowl games. Dantonio is just doing what ol Bo did, except in a more competitive conference.


January 20th, 2012 at 12:54 PM ^

It would impress me if Sparty could ever get to a Rose Bowl, yes.  I'm not sure Sparty could even find Pasadena on a map if we spotted you the state of California, considering it's been since like the Kennedy administration the last time you went.  I'm not worried though: Middle Tennessee will win a national title before Sparty goes to a Rose Bowl.


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Nuke this garbage. No sense letting it come to life.

Most ridiculous fan base on earth... Even some of our posters are off keel but they all run with it and believe it as factual without seeing any link or proof of it happening.


They left out the part where after the speech, Hecklinski scurried off to the coaches lounge and sodomized a baby panda.

See I can make up stuff too.


January 20th, 2012 at 12:20 PM ^

For the two dozen or so request for SpreadGuru to confirm his source...

I'm assuming that SpreadGuru is there, in a session now and will update between breaks... probably why he hasn't updated since.

But we shall see...  Makes no sense to make this up knowing it could be confirmed/denied by so many in attendance.


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