Dantonio does not want to talk about Harbaugh.

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Just read this article. I hope Harbaugh stomps the crap out of this asshat. Edit: For all of you saying I would not want to comment either while preparing my team for a bowl game game Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and RR all commented on the Harbaugh hire today. With class none the less.He is absolutely an ASSHAT. http://www.mlive.com/spartans/index.ssf/2014/12/mark_dantonio_acknowled…



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If the good coach were so concerned about bowl preparation then he wouldn't take time for a press conference. Aren't press conferences nothing but a distraction for coaches anyway?

My guess is, he knows he has an awaken giant to deal with and he is smart enough to know to keep his mouth shut until he knows exactly what he is dealing with.

MSU had a great run prior to Bo showing up. Bo got beat his first year by MSU and then put the smack down on them thereafter. If Mark knows the history then he knows what can happen to him.


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Yes I hate Ohio State with a passion, but I also respect them and Urban Meyer.


Dantonio? He always acts like such a little kid. Some of the stuff he says is just patheic.

They always whine about Little Brother stuff, but then Dantonio reinforces it by constantly hating everything Michigan related. Its just not a good look for him. He is the head coach of a successful team who has destroyed Michigan on the field for years now, but he still hasnt been able to find a way to move on to bigger and better things. For him, it is always about feeling slighted by Michigan. I just cant respect the guy because he doesnt respect himself. 



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I mean, I hate Dantonio as much as the next guy, but him not wanting to talk about another team's coach when interviewed at his own team's bowl game is not an example of his asshattery to me.


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That's what happens when you coach at a school that plays second fiddle to Michigan in absolutely everything.  I'd love for a reporter to ask Dantonio how he thinks he career trajectory would've gone if he had be the coach of Michigan, not Michigan State.  You'd have to imagine that even HE would admit he would've been vastly more successful.  


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I hate having to defend this guy, but him saying '"I'll just have to say this is about Michigan State, this is about the Cotton Bowl,'' Dantonio said, "and we're going to stay right there.''' doesn't really read to me as being a dick. He does enough things that make me hate him that we shouldn't be really trying so hard to find more.

Raback Omaba

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I actually gained a lot of appreciation or RichRod a few weeks ago.

A good friend of mine who went to Arizona (but grew up in AA and is an M fan) went back to Tucson with a bunch of college buddies to see the M - Arizona Game. They honored RichRod's team and Scooby Wright at half time for their great season. Of course, the game was a blowout win for Arizona.

The next day my buddy and his friends (who are non M fans) were walking around campus and ran into RichRod. They talked to him for a while and asked him how happy he was about the beating that the AZ BBall team gave Michigan the day prior...his response was something like "Yeah, it was cool to see our boys win but Michigan's coach is my boy"

Liked hearing that.


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I feel like this is an objective thought process.  Do we as a fan base really, I mean really care what dantonio says or does not say?  IT HARBAUGHPPENED!   Honestly it also does not matter that other coaches (former or otherwise) commented politely or not.  dantonio has an obvious blatant disdain for Michigan football and his is coming!

Go Blue!


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Dantonio was gonna use this whole situation to act the whiny little bitch he is whether he was asked about it or not.

Should he get asked the question: "They don't respect us to only ask us about our team and what we've accomplished."
Should he not get asked the question: "They don't respect us enough, after all we've accomplished, to ask what we feel is going on with our chief rival that we've owned as of late."


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This. A couple people I know were disappointed by Harbaugh's supposedly "nondescript" presser answers, especially when asked about rivalries. If he'd so much as changed his facial expression when MSU was brought up, Dantonio would have seized the opportunity to whine about disrespect in the very next press conference.


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I love how he didnt address it other than the normal platitiudes.

Look ....anything Jim would say today Dantonio would be a bitch about.  That's how bitches work.  He probably felt the term "outstanding" program was not high enough of a compliment and is banging his head against a wall in his hotel room. 

Jim gave a perfect generic response and actions / results on the field are ALL THAT MATTER.

We've talked anough for 7 years with not backing it up.  Stop doing the same thing over and over.  Harbaugh stopped it.

Everyone Murders

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I agree that this is not vintage Dantonio asshattery.  Keeping the focus on a Jan. 1 game is appropriate.

But Harbaugh's hire is major news and it takes about ten seconds to say that "I don't know him well, but he is a very successful coach and I look forward to getting to know him better over the years - obviously a great hire for Michigan."  And if someone asked a follow-up question, you could say that's all you have to say about the hire, and further questions should be limited to the game on Thursday.

Urban Meyer knows how to do it.  Narduzzi knows how to do it.  But Dantonio - not so much.


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That's pretty close to what he said (without the compliments).

Dantonio plays to his fan base very well by constantly using the disrespect bullshit, but in this instance I don't really have a complaint. Coach who hates UM and usually makes petty comments hasd a pretty nonchalant respomse.


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He has the personality of a giant douche, but he is a damn good coach.  If anything, this will help reinvigorate his message of us vs. Michigan and hate of everything UofM.  

To me this response is not him being a douche but just focused on his team and bowlgame.  While it is fun to poke fun at MSU, they have been a very good program for the last 4-5yrs and he has his players bought into the program and us vs the world mentality. 

If anything, this is another example of reporters seeking some click-bate similar to the questions to Harbaugh today almost daring Jim to say something challenging or disparaging about MSU or OSU.

More worried about play on the field and results vs. more talk, vitriol and BS about how they will be tough.  


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I don't blame him. He's preparing for a bowl. That said, it's been hilarious watching the narratives of Michigan State fans flail in every direction on this. "LOL like he'd leave the NFL" to "Whatever, like he's even a good coach", and "Nice job ruining college football with your de$perate $8 million a year offer" to "ZOMG he's not even making what we paid Dantonio this year! Talk about a program in decline". Is it possible to have less self-awareness?

Everyone Murders

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Don't change a hair for us, not if you care for us.

As many have noted, I hope the Dantonio - Harbaugh relationship makes the Carroll - Harbaugh relationship seem like one of BFFs.  I would so love to see MSU reduced to mediocrity with Dantonio at the helm.

Narduzzi's response was actually pretty good and well-tempered.  Of course, Narduzzi doesn't have to recruit against Harbaugh in his home state!