Danny Sheridan (USA Today) is a Moran

Submitted by Gameboy on January 14th, 2014 at 5:23 PM

Usually, I do not post about what some random radio personality spews over the air, but this display of stupidity and ignorance so breathtaking, I must share it here.

Danny Sheridan was on Paul Finebaum show on ESPN Radio to talk about the coaching changes at Alabama.

Here is the Danny Sheridan's theory on why Saban made the move to Kiffin from Nussmeier; it is because Alabama missed out on Jameis Winston and Nussmeier doesn't know anything about dual threat quarterbacks. 

The stupidity does not stop there. Sheridan also says that hiring Kiffin makes sense because Kiffin knows how to recruit and coach dual threat quarterbacks.

You can hear it for yourself here, it is within the first 2 minutes.


First, I think Alabama has done quite well with quarterbacks under Nussmeier. McCarron is going to be drafted in the first round and has been as good a quarterback as any at Alabama in history, with TWO (!!!) National Championships under his belt.

Second, obviously Sheridan has no clue that Nussmeier coached two superior dual threat quarterbacks in Jake Locker and Keith Price at Washington. One is already in NFL (and very successful) and the other is NFL bound.

Third, what duel threat quarterback did Lane Kiffin recruit and coach at USC??? Here are the last 5 starting quarterbacks - Cody Kessler, Matt Barkley, Mark Sanchez, John David Booty, Matt Leinhart. In what universe would somebody look at the list and say the coach for those QB's know dual threat QB's???

I do not understand how someone so transparently dumb has a position with one of the largest newspaper in the country. It just boggles the mind.

I've got a feeling Sheridan will be reacquainted with Nussmeier's acumen with dual threat quarterbacks next year plenty.




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I was sort of listening earlier and Sheridan also said something about how Saban has re-evaluated Alabama and realized the one thing that he needs is solid quarterback play. Apparently, you just can't get that from an A.J. McCarron (with the help of some good coaching and good players around him), by Sheridan's reasoning. I think he even postulated that the Tide's QB situation would be set already if Kiffin had just come to Alabama earlier. I found it hard to listen after this point. 


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Throwing McCarron under the bus as well?  Wow, that seems... rather Tide-like. 

If it's true that Saban blames OC playcalling and QB play for losses, I hope this all stems from OU's badgering of McCarron during the bowl game.  And Saban makes all these changes and the next QB has something less than a perfect game, and they lose and he cries.  Because what now?


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Also if you google the name Danny Sheridan, the first thing that comes up is his website.  Which conveniently leads off with, 

"Danny Sheridan is the best sports analysis and sports handicapper in the world today."


[edit - also love the use of "analysis" instead of "analyst"]


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I think the real problem here is quarterbacks who provide a duel threat. I guess as long as it's only "to the pain," I'm cool with it though.


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A.J. McCarron is not going to be picked in the first round. Maybe, Maybe the first round. And I would not call Jake Locker very successful. Everything else made sense and I understand your frustration. But guys that write for places like USA today are "click getters". They say outrageous things that they can claim as original. Even if it is idiotic, it will get reads and views.(not sure what you call listening to the radio).


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I bet when Finebaum and Sheridan get together at Temple, Finebaum is always bitching about how Sheridan has so many more followers on the Twitter.