Danny O'Brien still an option?

Submitted by Knappster on January 10th, 2012 at 7:24 PM

With TomVH's cryptic comment yesterday in the ESPN chat, does anyone wonder if Danny O could be back in play?  Tom said that he couldnt really say much other than the person is committed to another school.  I don't think he was referring to Reeves, so who is it?  With all the shenanigans going on at Tennessee, I wouldnt mind seeing O'Brien back in the mix for UM.  And yeah, I know we have a ton of DL talent coming in, but we lost Pharoah who was at one time considered a DL/TE commit.


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Right after you dumped her anyway.
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I also checked for Braxton Miller and the borens.  Miller is not in there but Borens are.  I dont want to cause any further controversy, but this is what the OSU directory has for right now.  Its fairly simple to see on the internet. 

I meant not him by saying I dont think its Dunn visiting.  Sorry about that.


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We don't think it's Reeves because his visit to Michigan is fairly public, which is far from "secret." I'm sure Tom wouldn't have a mentioned a secret visit in relation to Armani since it is common knowledge that he is visitng this weekend.


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I've heard his name tossed around too, but according to his Rivals page, he's already taken four officials and is taking his fifth this weekend to Arkansas. 

Now, switching his official from Arkansas to Michigan wouldn't be a big deal, but then why does it need to be a secret?  If ASU already knows he has an official scheduled for this weekend, why would switching that official to a different school need to be a secret?  Especially since all four of his officials that he's taken have been since his commitment to ASU.

He might also be visiting, but it doesn't add up why he'd want it to be a secret.


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It is shorter than optimal, but it's not prohibitive.  Arm length is more important for a tackle than height, it just usually happens that taller guys have longer arms.  Matt Light is 6'4" I think, and he's a tackle. 

Most top tackle are 6'6"+, but there are good ones in the 6'4" to 6'5" range too.


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I'm not sure if you are serious or not (cue the Joker picture), but it any event is it me or does it seem like every other post is getting negged lately for no apparent reason? I know it's taboo to discuss points but it just seems like there is a strange and recent trend to throw out arbitrary negs.


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I really don't know why you have to speculate about this. Tom says that the kid doesn't want anything out there about it becuase he's committed elsewhere and doesn't want to jeopardize his spot and you feel the need to start rumors about who it might be. Doesn't make any sense to me.