Dan Skipper to Arkansas

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Dan Skipper commited to Arkansas per Rivals.com (paywalled).

'I was surprised by the academic support staff, I think that was actually what sold me.'

Congrats to the kid on picking a school, I am sure Beilema sold him on how he put out linemen to the NFL.






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On poggi from Sam Webb or anyone? David Dawson tweeted this morning that he "heard" poggi committed. Other analysts on twitter are mixed, some saying he stays, others the opposite. One guy even questioned if hoke would consider him still committed due to the visit...Henry has been quiet, that could be good or bad, IMO, he hasn't made his mind up.


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Sam Webb said during the recruiting round-up that the Poggi's have maintained this as a normal"business as usual" trip and that he's not going to push the issue any further with the family.

He also said that the rumor keeps coming up, but he can't verify it one way or the other.


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He re-iterated that Poggi's dad regularly visits other schools in order to be able to advise his own HS players when they're ready to enter the recruiting process. This trip to Alabama was planned a while ago, and Henry is accompanying him largely because he has a friend on the team down there. The Michigan coaching staff has been aware of this trip and have no problems with it, especially since the Poggis have been up front. Sam is annoyed, but only by the constant rumor-mongering that's been taking place.

Sam's consistent mantra is "you never really know with recruiting," but he did not express any fears or reservations about this situation. That won't stop the rumors, but I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.


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My understanding of it all is the visit wasn't a Bama visit but a visit to a friend that goes to Bama. Michigan coaches approved it and Poggi has always maintained he is all blue. The problem is these rumors are causing reporters to continually grill the Poggi's on this. I think Sam is getting tired of being asked about and at this time refuses to bother the family about it. If flips or not I don't know but as for now Poggi is Blue.


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Add on to this comment that you made me think of. As we have seen during the RR years, when one side of the ball is weak, the other side suffers because of decreased competition in practice. So although they have great players on that d-line, when gametime comes they may suffer from the line battles being so lopsided during practice. Lets hope.


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I'm glad we got Samuelson instead.  Skipper is a big body, but he's not a knee bender.  I think he'll really struggle to be an effective run blocker.


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Ohio State

2013: Evan Lisle, Tim Gardner

2012: Kyle Dodson, Joey O'Connor, Taylor Decker, Patrick Elflein, Jacoby Boren

2011: Tommy Brown, Antonio Underwood, Chris Carter

2010: Andrew Norwell

2009: Marcus Hall, Sam Longo, Corey Linsley, Jack Mewhort

By my count, they have 13 scholarship offensive linemen from this five year cycle. This doesn't take into account walk-ons who've earned scholarships, nor any junior college players. 11 returning scholarship guys and 18 OL on the roster. 2 coming in. We'll see how depth is for them, but I'd guess they go for a big class next year.