Dan "Lou" Ferrigno

Submitted by Brodie on January 18th, 2011 at 7:23 PM
Another former Jack Harbaugh assistant + 20 years in the Pac-10 == boner. Much better than Gibson



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DAN FERRIGNO (FUR-EEN-YO) Special Teams Coordinator/Tight Ends After 21 seasons in the Pac-10 Conference and two with Brady Hoke at San Diego State, Dan Ferrigno joins the Michigan staff in 2011 as the special teams coordinator and tight end coach.

I don't mean to dampen anyone's spirits. I'm very happy with all the assistant news today.


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1) never waste a boner                                                                                                                                                                 2) never pass up a  bathroom                   3) never trust a fart                                                                                                                                            


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Has had 3 seperate stints with Cal (from 80-81 as a GA, from 96-99 coaching WR/TE/ST, and from 2006-2007 coaching WR) in between he's sprinkled stints with ORegon (WRs from 2001-2005), Western MIchigan (OC and almost every offensive position group from 1982-1986), and Oregon State (1987-1995 coaching a variety of areas).  He's also another of Brady Hoke's SDSU hires and joins Al Borges and Mattison in the "balding/bald" coaches club.

Blue X2

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Having a ST coach > not having a clue

Twitter also says "Lou" is spending time with the all american kicker prospect Wile.  Hope he can muscle him into the fold.


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Who's the poster who has the quote about getting pissed on by Lou Ferrigno in his signature?  Anyway, he's probably happy right now.