Dan Enos rumors

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A lot of rumors floating around about Dan Enos and how he may have a spot on the staff, possibly as a Co-OC and or QB Coach.. interesting considering Harbaugh has no ties to Enos as far as I'm concerned. How would you guys feel about adding this guy?



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Some short, yet intriguing reads, granted from a couple years back.


https://www.arkansasfight.com/2015/1/29/7880957/arkansas-fight-x-and-o-…  (some good substance from his CMU offenses)






From a few months ago...




Because I watch a lot of Pitt games too, I have great memories of the 2016 Pitt offense (put up over 40 against PSU and at Clemson) and would love to see Matt Canada. But looking back over the past 5-6 years, Dan Enos has had some success too that rivals what Canada's done.


Either way, I've seen enough of Drevno as an OC and play-caller. If anything he's an OL coach, and there's nothing wrong with that.


The biggest problem though is that both Drevno and Hamilton have at least 3 more years on their contracts that pay over $1 million per. Tough to justify paying that to a guy who's just a position coach.




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over Enos, every day of the week. And honestly Canada has beend doing what I expected from Harbaugh.  Multiple in scheme, heavy shifts/motions, he incorporates RPOs with non-running QBs by using options like a shovel as the dive, instead of running the QB.  I didn't like the move to LSU for him because they don't have the pieces on O to do what he wanted or the patience(not like there would be much more patience here,lol)  But Canada is a great OC who I would love to have on staff. Watch Pitt last season and people will see he was very good, they were bad because Narduzzi refused to come out of quarters coverage with poor DBs.


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He makes $1.0MM per year at FAU.  If he could nestle into Michigan for $1.5MM a year, I bet he'd do it.  For what it's worth - FAU was 75th in S&P+ in offense last year.  This year they were 6th.  Michigan was 86th in offensive S&P+.  I don't think it is so far reaching that he might get a better job as the sole OC at Michigan than he might as head coach at FAU.  Look where Durkin landed by being on Harbaugh's staff.

The Mad Hatter

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There were significant changes with the offensive staff last season. Adding Frey and Pep while losing Jedd just didn't work out. Harbaugh realistically can't be the HC and OC at the same time, but I think it's important for him to have like-minded coaches on that side of the ball. Basically people to understand and implement his vision.

That worked pretty well in 2015 and 2016.


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no doubt.  id love for harbaugh to ditch current OC / OCs and approach the search for new OC as he approached browns hiring - weigh opinions of respected colleagues and then hire the most capable OC.  hed still maintain final say as HC, just allow a gifted OC to build his O.

but im not confident that ever happens bc hes an offensive coach (and fairly well respected one with solid track record) with strong ideas - hes hyper competitive ex-QB and it just seems unlikely he ever cedes control of his O


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Seems to me the last thing we need is another person involved in playcalling. I suppose as a position coach it would seem to be a fine hire.


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a co OC would be a perfect compliment to our OC, run game coordinator, passing game coordinator and offensive minded head coach. can never have too many cooks in the kitchen!!