Dan Dierdorf to retire from broadcasting

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Dan Dierdorf to retire from broadcasting after the end of the 2013 NFL season.

One of the finest offensive tackles ever to play for Michigan and a consensus 1970 All- American. A native of Canton, Ohio, he was twice All-Big Ten and went on to become an all-pro with the St. Louis Cardinals of the National Football League and player representative for the team. He twice was named best offensive lineman of the NFL.




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1st time I heard Dierdorf do a game was 1986, with CBS. Opening week of the NFL regular season, the marquee game - defending champs the '85 Bears at home vs Cleveland. A 45-35 win that turned out to be (arguably) Chicago's best game of the season. He got to do the intro by himself and was so good I about fell off my sofa. Think William F Buckley with a midwest accent.

The next season he was in the MNF booth. You have earned your retirement sir.


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even if funk had the young guys (and older) playing at an obvious improved capacity, I'd get rid of him for Dan Dierdorf. I mean, age or not, his resume outside of choosing is so good that you'd have to. Plus, on a serious note, if this team is trying to go back to true manball......shit. You're OL Coach is a guy Bo tried to run off through non stop vicious hitting to weed out the weak. More than anyone on the staff right now, he knows how to tell a kid to line up and knock the guy in front of you on his ass like Bo did. No pussyfooting. No finesse. Crack skulls or gtfo of practice. Resume? Check. Technique knowledge? Double check. Mentality? Do you need ask? So, I agree. Even if doing an average job I'd trade funk for DD.


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Because of my signature it only seems appropriate to comment.  Bo rode him harder than anyone.  When asked about it later Bo said that if he got after the star players like Dan then no one else would consider themselves safe from criticism.  Of course, Bo said it much more colofully than that.

Here's to you Dan, consummate Michigan Man.


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Other career highlights for Dierdorf:

6-time Pro Bowl selection (1974, 1975, 1976, 1977,1978, 1980)

5-time First-team All-Pro selection (1974, 1975,1976, 1977, 1978, 1980)

NFL 1970s All-Decade Team

3-time NFLPA NFC OL of the Year (1976, 1977, 1978)

Between his decorated pro and broadcasting careers (which includes a Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award, I believe), he has definitely earned a rest. 


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I had the chance to meet Dan when he was hired to do a radio spot for a car delaership in St. Louis.  He loves the University and is fun to talk too.  I hope he has many years of good health and is able to represent the University and NFL for years to come.


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Dan Dierdorf never had to be told he should not do another year in the broadcast booth when he wasn't ready to do it anymore.


Seemed like a good guy, I (generally) enjoyed his broadcasting over the years and he's was a complete stud as an OL at Michigan and in the NFL. Hope he enjoys retirement.

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He was one of the guys who stayed when Bo showed up and got to be a part of the beat down of a supposedly invincible Ohio team that was riding a long winning streak.  Can we get a replay this year for Taylor Lewan's sake?


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also, its probably over-due, but i would support #72 getting Dierdorf legacy status before #2. i don't think they could retire it because of the number rule, but it should be done and especially soon since dan is still in good shape.

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One story I've read in several books about Bo is when he met Dierdorf.

Bo recruited him in 1966 to come to Miami University. When Bo was supposed to meet him, Dierdorf, not wanting anything to do with MU, slipped out the back door. 

Three years later, Bo gets hired at Michigan.

This is how Bo's first meeting with Dierdorf at Michigan went-

Dierdorf reaches his hand out shake Bo's and Bo grabs Dierdorf's gut. Bo says "You're fat, you're mine and I NEVER forget!"

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retirement is health.  I know he's had both hips and at least one knee replaced, plus ankle surgery of late.  Travelling all the time to these NFL games may have gotten physically very demanding.  Either way, I wish him the best in retirement.  He was always one of my favorite NFL announcers.  He had a way of not pulling punches on most topics. 


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A few of my favorite Monday Night Football memories are of him during that magical 1997 season.  I believe they were doing ads for the Michigan/Wisconsin game and Dan mentioned that Michigan was #1 in the other poll and that they were the best team in the world.  Once a Michigan Man always a Michigan Man.  Here's to many years of great health and a happy retirement.


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"Dierdorf said he will stay involved in the game in some capacity, including possibly working in his hometown in St. Louis. He also wants to work a Michigan game in the radio booth with his college teammate, Jim Brandstatter, the longtime analyst for Michigan football. ”I can’t just stare at the walls,” Dierdorf said. “I’m too young for that.”"


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Too bad.   There's way too many Buckeye polluting my ears every weekend from Spielman to Galloway to Eddie George to Robert Smith to Herbstreit, etc. etc.

Who do we have left?  Rich Eisen, Dez, Griese that it?


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It was for ABC when go was calling college football.  It was a blowout win at Indiana.  I can't remember if they sang The Victors in the 4th Quarter or if they did some other crowing.  As a Michigan fan, I thought this was suitable payback for all the years of what I thought was biased coverage against Michigan.


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I always liked to hear him call a football game.  I definitely hope he can work some Michigan games in the future.  A well deserved retirement and I hope he is around the Michigan program a lot.  GO BLUE!