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Thank you Mags for kinda sorta...yeah ok il give you a point..He has been solid..And for Sheridan almost 5'11 or almost 5'10 is not 6'1 or 6'2 size like OSUs group of incoming CBs..its obvious Hoke wants the big CBs but we are having a hell of a time landing them..we really need Stribling to excell because we are undersized at the position..If you blitz the way Mattison does you need good size CBs who can cover 1 on 1..Webb has nice size for his age and would have been a great land..the fact he was in our backyard is what hurts

Toby Flenderson

January 13th, 2013 at 6:42 PM ^

Okay you cant get EXACTLY what you want each and every class. Ohio State needs numbers  in the o-line and only have 2 committed (correct me if im wrong) and yet we have 6 o-line commits, with 5 of them being blue chip. Jourdan Lewis and Ross Douglas aren't a bunch of scrubs and we don't know about terry richardson yet. You do not get every recruit in your backyard (Kalis, McCray, Thomas, Smith). Does it suck to miss out on this kid? Yes. But this does not mean we need to have a meltdown just because our corners do not have richard sherman size.


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Wish convincing girls to sleep with me was this easy,  "So I am going to make you feel really good in bed"
  1. Top100 2014 CB Damon Webb on his commitment to Ohio State: "We're going to compete for National Championships."


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I don't mean this a slight against Webb, but who is he? Judging from the comments here, I'm guessing he's a 2014 kid from Cass Tech. I'm not familiar with many of the 2014 kids.