damefan1... anyone hear anything from him?

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hey guys i was just wondering if anyone has heard or read anything from damefan1?  its been awhile. 



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Quotes of eternal glory from the preview:

So get ready brothers and sisters!.... Get your jerseys out...hang up those flags.... and be ready for college football to give us no RESPECT until we shove it down their throats!.... 

Are we better?...You bet your sweet ass we are!... This might be the best defense since the 88 team at ND!... and if things shake out the way I see them going...This WILL BE the best offense we've had in possibly 30 years!....

Watch the players walk behind Coach Holtz and tell me there is 1...Just 1 that could crack the 3 deep at ND!.... This looks like a really good high school team!....and size?....size?... Do you see any of the 290 pound D lineman or 300 O lineman listed on their roster here?.... come on!...
NEVADA in 09 would KILL THIS TEAM!... ND is gonna make a statement this Saturday!...
Are you wondering what I'm wondering!....NO WAY THIS TEAM IS WITHIN 21 POINTS OF NOTRE DAME!...NO WAY!...
This is a BLACK JACK victory!....We easily get'em by 21!...easy!...



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Sad, bc most of the Irish fans I know have been forced into some self-depricating posture since the 80s which makes them tolerable on Saturdays. Also, they have far fewer trolls than OSU


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I think after yesterday, he should end his blog and consider taking up fandom somewhere else. I'm happy USF kicked their asses. Maybe they read the blog post and that got them fired up to kick notre dames butts.


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Damefan gives the vast majority of ND fans a bad name. This guy is a world class ass clown.
<br>His YouTube videos are epic fails as well. His preview of last years Michigan ND game is a classic example.

Indiana Blue

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a sportswriter for the Journal Gazette, Ben Smith, actually wrote (on the front page):

"God's favorite team won the second half, for all it mattered."

"God's favorite team"? ... the arrogance in Indiana for nd is far beyond what this board could ever comprehend!  This is a football program that has one bowl game since 1993 ... and yet the are "God's favorite team".

Go Blue!



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Have you forgotten about Columbus? Which, by the way,is where NDfan says he lives. I don't know if he is a transplant or born and bred there, but either way, it would explain his mind melding woody for the school. Even if his blind loyalty is to a school in South Bend. (he is all screwed up) There is something in that water they give the people in Columbus. 


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His style is obnoxious, and he writes like someone who got pushed through the educational system without being made to actually learn how to read and write, but this game really looked like it should have been an easy victory for ND.  

I wasn't surprised at Baylor handling TCU, or Auburn struggling, but I was shocked at both USF's win over ND and BSU's dismantling of UGA.  As a USF fan, I was just hoping they could keep from being embarrassed and show something, anything to indicate that they might be able to go better than .500 in the Big East this season. 

I wish damefan would have had the webcam rolling and the result uploaded to youtube so we could have seen his face after the game yesterday.  My guess is that he says the refs stole the game from ND by taking what would have eventually been the winning touchdown off the board.  

I am sure he will have a lot to say about Michigan this week.  Now that Michigan won without having to reveal anything and ND lost while digging deep into their playbook, I am a lot more confident about the game.  What looked like an autoloss to me two days ago now looks like a very good chance at a win.  


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If you scroll down you will get his predictions for next weeks game. He says that it will be close up until the beginning of the  fourth quarter. Our boys will be so spent from throwing the kitchen sink at ND that we will get overwhelmed by the Irish in the fourth... (to paraphrase) 

The guy is a character. I am going to miss the you tube videos he puts up. They were a lot more funny than the blogspot with the annoying (insert picture) theme. Either way, I think he may have slit his wrists yesterday after the game. 


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I love how he trys to base everything on what USF did last year:

Stoney Brook...-WIN...
Florida..in the worst season they've had in 5 years....STOMPED THEM 38-14
Western Kentucky?...really- WIN
FAU...and I can't tell you what that even stands for..-WIN
Lost their homecoming game to Syracuse?....yeah
West Virginia STOMPED THEM...yeah...that West Virginia...by 2 TDs!...
They beat the Bearcats in their worst season in 5 years!...I think they finished like 4-8 last year?
Beat the powerhouse Rutgers by 1 point!
Beat Louisville...I can't even say that without laughing...by a huge 3 points!
Loss to Pitt and Ucon....
Barely beat a Miami team that we beat like they stole something...

Then capped the year off with a huge victory against a 6-5 Clemson?....


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I would refrain from starting smacktalk before we've played the game.  ND thoroughly dominated every aspect of that game except for the turnover margin.  They will be a lot tougher than people expect.


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I don't think anyone is talking smack. You are right ND did dominate a team that they were supposed to dominate yesterday.  We were supposed to beat WMU, we did. They were supposed to beat USF, they didn't. We have had our run ins with teams that we were supposed to have handled and didn't... Everybody gets a turn at it... It was another one of their turns. And hopefully, next week they will be 0 - 2, But, truthfully I was rooting for them to win. I want every one of Michigan's opponents to be clicking on all cylinders when we play them. Iron sharpens Iron... Michigan can only get better from playing teams at their best. It will teach the team to always play at a high level to expect to win.