Dallas fans are realizing just how good Jourdan Lewis is

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Jourdan Lewis had himself a game last night against the Cardinals, effectively shutting out Jaron Brown, and Cowboy's fans are starting to notice.  From the article:

These are not rookie-caliber plays. These are plays that high-level veterans make only after years of experience. Lewis made his NFL debut eight days ago. He missed most of training camp with a hamstring injury. If he is this good already, what is he going to be later in the season with more experience?




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We could have told the Cowboy fans this would happen!  It's a shame he sat out the preseason with an hammy.  That is useful experience time that would only serve him better.


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People killed me on here when I said Lions should have taken him rather than Teez.  Said I don't understand defenses and how Lions play.  Which is all correct, however after watching his Michigan career you just knew he could play with anyBODY!


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Blue in Paradise

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I would have liked JD or Chidobe Awuzie over Tabor.  I thought Tabor was too slow to cover #1 or #2 NFL WRs based on watching him a few times in college.

Of course, I trust Bob Quinn's judgement over my novice opinion so I am still holding out hope that Tabor is a good fit in the system.  However, the fact that he has been a healthy scratch in his first three games isn't encouraging.


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That was pretty awful.  I didn't think Tabor was expected to contribute right away, but it would be nice to at least hear some chatter about him.

Also, I'm giving a pass on Quinn.  People didn't like Jarrad Davis and he has been a difference maker.  Golladay looks like the read deal out there.  And Agnew sealed the game against the Giants with his punt return (and he should be out there on kickoffs).  Considering that, I'll give Tabor some time to develop.


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His '16 draft was also very solid. Sucks we've lost a few guys this early on from both classes (Williams, Kaaya, Landes, etc.) but the others are big time contributors. Few more years of this drafting plus solid depth FA moves in the off seasons and Lions will be expected to make playoffs year in and year out. That's something that's never been the case in my lifetime. 


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Jourdan was a great corner, they were just worried about his size.

"46. Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan (5-10, 175)
As far as pure cover ability goes, Lewis might be the top cornerback in college football. The confident defender is also willing to mix it up downfield and at the line of scrimmage, despite giving up 25-30 pounds and/or four or five inches of height to receivers. NFL scouts will wonder how he'll be able to handle full-grown pro receivers, though."


Answer, so far so good.


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Threw up repeatedly cheering for the Cowboys when him or Taco made a play, nice to see so many in the league this year.


Poor Glasgow couldn't get a high five from Marvin Jones after a TD though...

Leroys Horde

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Hall and Jackson were great, but with Lewis I honestly didn't worry about his receiver ever having a chance at a ball.  Every reception he gave up was legitimately shocking to me.

I don't remember Law that well from college because I was pretty young at the time, but based on his pro career I could see him being comparable.

Mr. Yost

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Funny, I just got back from lunch where a Cowboys fan "thanked" me (knowing I'm a big Michigan fan) for Lewis.

Said he was making insane tackles last night.

I just replied "it's just Michigan. You can be a great WR, but if you don't block...you won't play. If you can't tackle as a CB...you're not going to play." Of course there are exceptions, (cough) Stribling (cough)...but even he didn't see a ton of time until late in his career when he became a better tackler.


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The only reason Lewis fell out of the first round is because of that dumb bitch that tried to tried to railroad him.  Too bad that didn't go to trial before the draft.  It cost him a lot of money.


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Loved it. Kept commenting on what a fantastic job he did tackling. That’s been such a big problem for so long it was nice to see all those throws stopped for the 2 - 4 yards they should be.

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with the way things are going with Doc Brown and the defense, it will be close to impossible to NOT draft a Michigan defender.....


NFL......Prepare for the influx of fast, talented, and fundemental sounds defensive players....  They will be coming in waves.......starting in 2019**   HAHAHAHAHA........

**That's the best part.....