Dallas Crawford Potentially Committing Friday

Submitted by Dr.Jay on November 10th, 2010 at 1:35 PM

Is announcing this Friday on his18th Birthday that he shares with me!!! Only I'll be 30 :^( FML, looking good for us!!! He hasn't taken a visit since the Iowa game

TOMVH EDIT*** - Sorry to take over your thread, but to clarify this post, I spoke with Dallas' head coach and he said that there is a chance Dallas will announce as soon as Friday. Coach Redhead spoke with the Michigan coaches today, so everything is looking good for Michigan.



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All downhill when I turned 25. I'm 30 in two months I guess it gets even worse. Hope Clemson doesn't win another game this season and we get at least two more so mr. Watkins follows his boy north.

Wolverine in 312

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I thought it couldn't get any worse than last year, but thirteen is hard! Fucking multiplication tables (I'm kind of slow)!

To make matters worse, that pigtailed bitch Jenny broke up with me.

Cheers to a better late half of my teenage years.

(ps. if you neg me my older brother will totally kick your ass)

sorry for the language


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I don't understand what your post means, but his coach just told me that he may announce Friday, but it's not 100% yet. Coach Redhead talked to the Michigan coaches today to make sure everything was going good, and confirm a few things. So, Dallas may be committing Friday, yes.


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That's cool and the gang and all, but all three of these guys are betwen 5'9 and 5'10 and probably play the same position.  I would imagine that with Woolfolk back next year, as well as Avery, and Cullen Christian, these guys will all red-shirt? 


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His coach seems to always talk about how smart he is.  He plays QB in addition to CB, so that would seem to back that up.  My hope is that he can be Martavious Odoms as a CB, a guy who maybe doesn't make NFL scouts drool but who always plays smart and hard. 


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as a Michigan fan and fan of this blog that you are respectfull to Michigan sports info and to those that crave to know more about it!  you had an opportunity to get after that guy but you were professional in your response.  with the amount of clout and popularity on this blog you could act and present yourself as high and mighty untouchable.  it seems to me that you do not and as always i look forward to any post with yours and a few others that i have grown to trust in this cyberspace!  thank you Tom VH for all you do!  Go Blue beat purdue!


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Congrats to Crawford for (hopefully) picking the good guys.  I always thought once RR won that 6th game and the team was poised to go bowling, commits would start solidifying their commitments.

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Dallas signing with Michigan would be huge, not just because Sammy might come with him, but other 5 star talent may see that the defensive side of the ball is going to get much stronger very soon!  This bodes well for the entire program.