Dallas Crawford To Miami (YTM)

Submitted by GVBlue86 on January 18th, 2011 at 10:17 AM
RT @GeoffVogt16: Dallas Crawford committed to Miami.
Guessing he's officially gone now. SIAP, I don't think this has already been posted.



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I'm hoping we are able to get on track here real soon.  I'm not sure how much more I can deal with...we should be locking up recruits we already had and gaining more commits at this point.  Feels like we are still going in the wrong direction. 

I have been out of the loop this past week.  Any good news or big names coming our direction?


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Sucks to lose Crawford, he was one of my favorite commits. He is going to be a beast for the Canes. Hopefully we can keep Countess and reel in McClure and/or Raven (both would be great).

Speed Kills

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Speaking of Blake Countess, these kids love getting fan support. If you're on twitter and have  a moment, follow him @BlakeCo1 - he's a great kid and we could use our fan power to help to keep some kids in the class. Might be a waste of time, but it's worth a shot....before Al Golden calls him and tries to steal him away.

Let's show these kids what real fans are like! Go Blue!


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Good thing we showed Lucien the door because we have enough 4* WR's and those scholarships are looking a little tight given all the guys we have lined up.  I am sure Hokester will have a veritable flood of guys in 2 weeks.


January 18th, 2011 at 12:21 PM ^

We aren't exactly short at receiver (13 on scholarship and none graduating this year). And when you sarcastically say we have enough 4* WR's, take a look at what we have next year:

Stonum - 4*, Hemingway - 4/3*, Odoms - 4/3*, Roundtree - 4/3*, Stokes - 4*, T. Robinson - 4*, Gallon - 4/3*, Miller - 4/3*, J. Robinson - 4/3*

That's 9 WR's that were a 4* by at least 1 of Rivals/Scout. I'm sure Hoke is worried about a lot of other positions before he worries WR. Since we just took 5 WR's last year, there are much more important spots on the roster to fill this year.


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It's not next year that I am worried about.  Look at the first 4 names on the list and when they graduate.  In any event, my point wasn't that we should offer a WR at the expense of getting a quality DB.  It was that if we don't fill the class and have extra scholarships (that might not even be useable next year given the B10 cap of 25), it will have been incredibly foolish to not offer a quality guy like Lucien

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then I'll take the trade. Both are higher graded and bigger. I think Hoke is looking to add some size and I'm not terribly upset about that. Now, I'm hoping for size AND speed but you know...


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This could just be a matter of getting used to new names.  We've been hearing "Dallas Crawford" for so long that we think he must be the best player in the world (or a less exaggerated version of that statement).  We'll see if this is just a matter of getting over the old names and getting excited about new names.  Raven and McClure (on Rivals) are much higher rated than Crawford.  I know nothing about whose game is really better, but I'm ok with losing one talented player if we gain another (or two other) talented player(s).


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Michigan fans hear that Denard has decided to quit football altogether and seek the priesthood, Brady Hoke is the anti-Christ, David Brandon forces all players to get the number 666 tattooed on the inside of their arms and the Big House is bulldozed to make room for a really really big chemistry lab.

Knock on wood...


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Thank you, DB, for this.  If we were going to hire Hoke (which I think was a good move), why did we wait until January 12, again, as opposed to, you know, December 1?

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We counldn't have pulled the trigger then because all the coaches DB wanted to talk to were all under contract and all prepping for bowl games. No University s going to give BH permission to speak with their coach then. It's a timing thing.

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This year's recruiting class will not be impressive.  We all knew this was coming.  I look at it this way-- I'd rather Hoke & Co. lose them by being up front and honest rather than keeping 'em on board with lies and deceptive talk.  Integrity rocks, man.


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...Hoke has a kicker in line to replace Goudis, Chris Bryant seems like he might be back on board, we have people lined up to replace the lost Crawford commit (McClure, Raven, Taylor).  And Flowers isn't out of the question.


Considering Alabama rebuilt his HS football field or some such, I doubted that Hart was going to Michigan, RR or no RR, especially with Mark Ingram declaring.  So I don't think it'll be significantly worse than it would have been anyways except for losing out on Frost (and I'm curious to see what the Mattison hire does for that...).


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coming in for an official this weekend?  I know McClure is scheduled to come in.  But I think it would be great to get those 2 guys in together -- so they can envision the dominant secondary we will have 2 years from now.