Dallas Crawford and Sammy Watkins Visiting for Iowa

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This article is behind a paywall but it says that both will be here for the Iowa game, for an unofficial! They both plan to use officials to Michigan after the season. Thats two unofficial visits for them, which can be expensive. Must be they have serious interest. 



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Hope we're still on a roll when they make their way up here.  Iowa could be that perfect storm of a highly ranked team that is solid but far from invincible.  Playing them at home after how close last year's game was could make for a great result.  Trying not to look ahead and get my hopes up, but this year feels a lot differnt than last year (even though that feeling feels totally unfounded).


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Watkins but I've have concerns about him qualifying.  If he does, by all means, get him as part of the class.  He's the kind of WR that Michigan needs, a deep threat who can stretch the defense vertically.

Maize and Blue…

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This game has been mentioned as a possible return trip for Dee and he brings along some friends from Florida.  Throw in  a DE/OL from West Branch and some juniors from Cass Tech, OLSM, Flint Powers, and Det. CC plus Chris Wormley and Allen Gant.  Add some others like Hobbi, Ray Drew, Tim Jernigan, Curtis Grant.  Get them talking about helping RR finish the job he was brought here for (winning NCs).  The stuff dreams are made off.


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I very rarely knew kids for fall break. It's too short for the out of staters, and some of the local kids might head home for Wed and Thurs nights but they'd be back for the weekend. Most everyone I knew either stayed on campus and partied or stayed on campus and studied. But yes, for a game as big as Iowa, the student section will be full and rocking.