Daily profiles Chris Brown, the resident Texan

Submitted by CaptainBlue on March 16th, 2012 at 3:06 PM

If you're much of a Michigan hockey fan, you know Chris Brown. He hits hard, takes penalties galore and sometimes makes the CCHA Play of the Year by undressing the Miami (NTM) captain.

The Daily deployed its Massive Profile Machine on Brown today, and it's a good one:

The click of cowboy boots follows Chris Brown everywhere. Find him in any sort of weather — rain, snow, sun — and he’s wearing those boots, trudging through the long Michigan winters wearing something that was intended for a climate more than a thousand miles south.

Around Ann Arbor, he drives a massive black pick-up truck with Texas license plates slapped on it, a not-so-subtle reminder of the Division-I hockey player’s transplanted background.

And there is the music he listens to before games, so different than the hip-hop and electronic beats that usually flow in the locker rooms of Yost Ice Arena. Chris prefers country artists like Kenny Chesney and The Casey Donahue Band, whose most popular song is called “White Trash Story.”

The Daily also put out a Mac Bennett profile and Luke Glendening profile last week.




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“For me, it’s mostly his style of play,” said Chase Brown, Chris’s brother, who is a freshman at Michigan and plays on the club hockey team. “He’s more of a physical player, and that draws people in. He is different than everyone else’s typical player.”

Probably one of the big reasons I've been a fan of his since day 1. It's great to see him mature as a person and improve on the ice.