Per the Daily, new song "Take it to the Big House"

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"Ann Arbor band 'The Arboriginals' were joined by Hazelette Crosby-Robinson, the community relations director for the Washtenaw Community Health Organization, on a track released earlier this month that features plenty of grooving, plenty of boombox-toting and plenty of love for the Maize and Blue."…



Everyone Murders

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I think the singing's pretty good.  The song does not strike me as a great one, but it seems like they were having fun making this, so good for them. 

These videos always have the potential to be embarrassing for the represented fanbase, but the damage here seems fairly low (and is fun to watch, at least to me).  If this is a reflection of a meaningful segment of the Michigan fanbase, I'm cool with that.

Let's give it a 3.5 out of 10 on the Freakbass Scale.  (Low scores here are good, of course!)

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Am I missing /s from the posts above???

This is 10/10 embarassing in my eyes.  They may have had fun making this song/video, but I didn't have fun listening to it.  I'm going to be at the game this Saturday with some first timers and Illinois fans.  I pray this song is not played.  I really can't think of anything nice to say, and as our mothers say, I shouldn't have said anything at all.

Everyone Murders

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No sarcasm.  Here's why:

The video/song will have a shelf-life of approximately two weeks.  It does not feature a dipshit playing a bass and strutting about like, well, Freakbass.

It won't go viral as an embarrassing Michigan song.  (The tune's not that catchy, it has modest production values, and otherwise won't hold people's interest.  It's not endorsed by UofM, and the performers do not seem to deem themselves as ultra-cool.)  Most importantly, it's not RAWK that lends itself to being played at a game. 

Will I watch/listen to this more than twice?  Probably not.  But will it be thrown in my face by opposing fanbases?  Again, probably not.  So it boils down to some people trying to have some fun, write a song, and doing it with pretty good vocal skills.

So rather than blast it for its faults, I prefer to applaud the performers for their efforts.  They appear to love the same school I do, and did not prepare an abomination like  We Are ND, so it seems like being nice is the right thing to do here.

Just my opinion, of course.


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Is it the best ever? No it isn't going to make to make the Billboard charts. But the band has talent, the people actually can sing and they were having fun. It isn't ridiculously forced like In The Big House. They were having fun and just because you don't like it doesn't make it a terrible song. 

Are songs about college football teams we love supposed to be serious number #1 chart toppers? C'mon man you are being overly harsh. Embarrassing? How? That almost sounds Bigoted. 


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you should've taken your mother's advice on this one. the only embarrassing thing on this thread is the unfortunate impersonation of critics.

i think it's pretty cool to see people showing appreciation for michigan football while doing something they clearly love.

Stephen Hawking

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I think the song is fine. However, one of the things that I love about the gameday experience is the marching band. There's nothing like hearing them in Michigan Stadium.  I can listen to pumped in music anywhere, anytime.

That being said, I didn't see anything that mentions plans for this song to be played on Saturdays inside the stadium, so let's just enjoy it for what it is: a positive song celebrating the football team.


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I like the song. Yes, it is repetitive. It isn't a world beater. But that's ok. I like the diversity in the video, and the fun they had with the song. The quirkiness of the video seems to reflect well some of what is U of M. I do like the song a lot more than "We are ND," but then, I'm a Michigan fan. While not "Motown," it has some of that flavor, and is a simple, pleasing song with a nice beat and musical backing.

One thing that is very clear from posts in the past:  music polarizes many people. Everyone has different tastes. I guess my only observation is that I personally think that a combination of "The Victors" and "Varsity" and "The Yellow and the Blue" and "Take it to the Big House" and even the hated Pop Evil "In the Big House" are fine as a mix of things that are used at Michigan. Just mentioning this last song (In the Big House) will cause wailing and gnashing of teeth in some quarters. So be it. It's a good thing that different people want to find a way to honor Michigan.

What would really be cool, however, would be for some of the professionals out there, maybe Bob Seger, maybe Madonna, maybe some of the better rappers from Michigan who are Michigan fans, (Eminem??) to try their hand at a Michigan song in the genre they do best.

On a different note:  I don't see why ND can figure out how to amplify their band, when I've heard it said "impossible" for Michigan. I hated being able to hear everything the ND band played while I was in the stands, even though they were on the other side of the field, and not being able to hear the Michigan band at all, which was much closer.


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Wow, now I finally know what the deal was the day I was sitting outside at the Fleetwood and these people came parading around the corner. I wondered if this video would ever show up in my world. And here it is!

That's me at 1:26... I was wearing my classic blue hat with maize block M, and decided to gesture with said hat when I realized the song was about the Big House. You can sorta see me again bopping along in the background at 3:06.  I mean... when randomly in video, join in... right?







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and the rest is cool. My god, think of all the crap you've listened to in your lives, people! Don't go apeshit on one well-meaning little old people song!!!