Daily article on Lewan & Frank Clark

Submitted by PeteM on August 29th, 2013 at 10:26 AM

The Michigan Daily article linked below talks about how Frank Clark and Taylor Lewan are going head-to-head in practice with Lewan dominating in the Spring but things looking much more even now.  Brian alluded to this in his d-line preview, but if the competition during practice between Frank Clark and Lewan is really getting anywhere close to equal than I have high hopes for him this season.  Going against a future first rounder would either be really discouraging, or make you a much better player.  It seems like the latter is the case for Clark.  Here's the link:


This may not be news, but the article also says Johnson is backing up Toussaint.



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trouble early on (stealing a laptop), but he really seems like a solid dude. There was another article that said he used his early arrest as motivation to be a better player/ teammate.

I realy hope the hype machine is correct with Clark.


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“It was equal, I would say, in camp,” Clark said. “In preseason camp, he forced me to improve my game more. He forced me to not only rely on the bull rush and learn more moves. Taylor has great character, and it’s helped me become a better player.”

This was alluded to somewhat in a CTK video earlier in the month, but I would say that this experience in practice is likely to pay dividends for Clark during the season. If you have the luxury of having an All-American OT on your team that you can match up with and try to beat, it seems that you would be well-prepared to go up against just about any OT a team could throw at you. 

Interesting article about teamwork and teambuilding really. Thanks for sharing it!


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I noticed in the Sugar Bowl that Clark was a different type of player than the rest of our D-line. The athleticism and potential is through the roof. Now, with guys like Ojemudia (sp?) & Taco we are starting to look much more like a D-line with pass rushing abilities. It's been awhile since Michigan has really gotten after QBs.


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if the reports are true, and Lewan and Clark are close to even..and then you consider that Lewan basically took a draw against Clowney, then Clark has to be amazing, right? I'm super skeptical of the hype-train, but if he's close to even with Lewan, he's got to be amazing

I just don't know if I believe it


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“Well, that's made Frank Clark a heck of a better player.” said defensive coordinator Greg Mattison.

This has been said by more than one person this year.  Going against the best offensive linemen in the country.......coached by one of the best defensive coach in the NCAA.....gifted athlete......Frank Clark will dominate this year. Just wait, watch and see.


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Clark will dominate most of the competition.  He is older, more mature, stronger, faster, and says he has improved a variety of moves, all of which seems to be verfied by Hoke and Mattison who give him high praise.  He is going to make consistent sacks like he did on Braxton.  If he gets tired we have solid depth at rush end which means no major drop offs for the first time in quite a while.  Banner year for Clark. Dreaming of a at least one sack per game by him alone.