Daily article from January about Greg Harden, Assoc. Dir. of Athletics and Dir. of Athletic Counseling

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Great article for people to gain and/or refresh their perspective, as well as providing some inspiration.  Should be required reading for fans of inter-collegiate athletics.


Mods, if this is repetitive or old news, please delete.  Did a site google search but didn't find evidence that this has been shared and/or discussed.


Blue Carcajou

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Greg Harden grew up on the same street as my mom in Detroit and ran track with my uncle in high school. Throughout some of my struggles at Michigan most of my professors never really seemed to give a shit when I tried to confide in them (well, the ones who could speak English coherently); but when I saw an article about what Harden did for Tom Brady I mentioned his name to my mom and I was floored when she said she knew him personally. I contacted him and he moved me up the list and got me an appointment to see him the next day, and man... He read me like a book! Gave me some of the best advice I ever heard.

True Michigan Man.


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because he's been around for a long time doing great work, but work most people don't know about.  So any news about Greg Harden is good news and worth posting. 

Many people know Tom Brady's talked about how much he helped him, but it's probably new news that he's as important to walk-on volleyball players as to eventual NFL Hall of Fame QBs, and that they're as important to him.