Cutting down the nets ceremony (edit: cbs replay has it all)

Submitted by buddhafrog on March 31st, 2013 at 4:44 PM

Anyone have a link to this?

It's on MGoBlue radio right now:

When someone finds it, please post here - or video after the fact.

We be cutting down the nets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MGoUser points out the CBS already has the replay up (fastest of all the games I've seen so far) and it includes the cutting of the nets!




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Yeah, I'm so glad for these seniors especially.  And for Beilein - what a man to lead our team and represent our university and to mentor our young men!

Go Blue!


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The CBS sports livestream showed the whole ceremony. The seniors went first, follwed by the rest of the team, and lastly Coach B. 


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Not sure if you can still get it if you replay the game, but I just left it on my browser and they cut to it after some commercials.  Two things I saw:

1. Right before the trophy award ceremony, Beilein is organizing the team and switches the bill of Tim Hardaway's hat from backward to forward.

2. After everyone cut a piece of the net down, Beilein cuts the rest of the net down and climbs down the ladder, whereupon the team forces him to put the net around his neck. Beilein does this for about 2 seconds, starts looking uncomfortable in the spotlight, and gives the net to Hardaway.

This team seems like a family.


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It was live on  Seniors went first then the whole team and finally Coach B.  Very Michigan Man like.  Hopefully someone captured it.


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F you CBS. I don't care for any opinions of your commentators. I want to see the best Michigan Basketball team of the last twenty years to cut down the damn nets.


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I hope they put those t-shirts that the guys were wearing for sale. Gotta get one so I can have a companion to my Pour Some Sugar On Me shirt from two y ears ago.