Curtis Blackwell Out At MSU

Submitted by winterblue75 on May 30th, 2017 at 11:10 AM

Per Chris Solari's Twitter (MSU reporter for freep), Dantonio has decided not to renew Blackwell's contract, which expires Wednesday.



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This is the interesting part. The investigation has obviously been going on since January, and MSU has extended Blackwell's contract twice (for a month each) throughout the investigation. Probably having to do with not being able to fire a coach while he's under investigation or something.

So the fact that they've now decided not to renew him again for another month might actually have something to do with the investigation coming to a close, and MSU feeling like they have enough reason to not renew his contract. I guess time will tell.


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This would stand to make sense. As you said, they renewed twice previously, why call it to a close now if the investigation is still ongoing?

All that being said, I'd like to see the correct resolution to this entire incident, whatever it may be, very soon for all parties involved. Seems like this has been going on for a while now.


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Interesting point. I know the Title IX investigation was completed and found that the 3 accused players violated university policy, but I didn't see anything about Blackwell. One would think that if this move is based on the findings from that investigation, which we know that the players were also found to be in violation of university policy, and was enough to fire/release/not renew Blackwell, that doesn't bode well for the players involved.


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1. The timing of this is interesting. From an institutional standpoint, you don't want to let someone go while still investigating, as that opens you up to an employment/retaliation suit from Blackwell. So maybe this means that investigation is coming to a close, OR they have found definitive wrongdoing by him. 

2. This is no doubt a huge huge loss for them. 


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So from what I know Blackwell was suspended and is now being fired for telling three rapists to destroy evidence. Its seems real simple lady prosecutor, ask Blackwell what the three msu football players told him they did and what he told them to do. To me for Blackwell to get fired there has to be some reason. I highly doubt he is dumb enough to perjure himself. Am I missing something or should there be someone charged in this case. If nobody did anything then why is Blackwell suspended then fired. Blackwell holds the key. The case is what it is and everyone knows what happenned. One player was having sex with a girl why some other player filmed it and another forced his way into it which she said no as player two continued to film the other two continued to have sex with her against her will. They went to Blackwell and he told them to get rid of the video. Unless you believe they suspended and then fired Blackwell for no reason. I really dont see how Blackwell is fired and no charges are brought against the three players. Blackwell did not rape anyone, but he sure as hell does no who did what lady prosecutor.


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What you're saying makes sense to me, but there's a reason they've extended his contract a month at a time for multiple months in a row as the investigation was ongoing, and there's also got to be a reason they've decided that this time they're not going to extend it another month. Either the investigation is coming to an end and they have enough facts to feel good about letting him go, or something else has changed.


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Valid point. Based on what we know now, the only investigation that's been completed thus far is the Title IX investigation, which found that the three players were in violation of university policy. One would assume that if that investigation was enough to not bring Blackwell back, it's probably not a great sign for the players involved.


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This doesn't open MSU up to a retaliation suit at all - his contract expired and they didn't renew.  Fortunate timing for MSU in that regard.  Also, this doesn't necessarily mean anything about the investigation coming to a close.  That said, he was an important part of his staff and I would almost guarantee they'd be renewing his contract if not for this investigation.


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After seeing the PSU coach who came forward get blacklisted from all coaching, again for standing up against the pedo situation, I don't see any coach airing laundry if they want to keep in the coaching world. It's a bad lesson that was learned out of the PSU scandal. 

Wolverine 73

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You have no legal obligation to rehire him or extend it. You can't be sued successfully for retaliation when your obligations were concluded. If they extended it, they did so to secure his cooperation or keep him friendly or some other reason, but not because they had an explicit or implicit obligation under the law to keep him around.


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don't think there is going to be any other dominos.  There is no reason why the criminal investigation would not be completed at this point.  Either they bring the kids back to the team and put them on a double-extra probation and hope they don't do anything else the shame the school or they don't allow them back on the team and move forward.

Even in a post-Sandusky world, it appears as though Michigan State has orchestrated at least a partial coverup here (certainly not to a Sandusky degree), and I think they are hoping that nobody will care once the football starts.  Regardless, that police report will be public at some point and people will be able to judge for themselves whether the response is/was appropriate.