Curt Mallory heading to New Jersey on a recruiting trip

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Speaking of Michigan assistant coach Curt Mallory, sounds like he'll go see a five-star prospect tomorrow. #Wolverines
The article is a premium link, but if you think for a quick second, it's not that difficult to figure out where he's going. 
1.) He's the secondary coach
2.) He's our east coast recruiting coach
While it's possible he's visiting a number of recruits, Yuri Wright fits the bill for this perfectly. He's a 5 star on 247, and he's the only 5 star defensive player left on the board, with Michigan high on his list.



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Don't do that!

I thought your thread title was announcing that Mallory was taking a coaching job somewhere else, not going to visit a recruit. I nearly had a coronary...fergodsakes.


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Buckeyes think they can just take whoever they want. Would love to see Mallory sign this kid and show them that's not how it's going to be.

The FannMan

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Wow.  I read your post to mean he was going to take a coaching job at Rutgers or with the Jets or Giants.  I was still saying "Nooooooo" when I opened the post.  I just have grown to love a secondary that, you know, covers people.  I'm not ready to loose that again.

[Edit - beaten to the punch by a ton of people.  Thanks for fixing the title.]

Have a good flight coach.  Feel free to lock down any five star recruits that you happen to bump into!


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He's the guy who sang that song "Some day somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye. Till then, baby, are you gonna let 'em hold you down and make you cry? Don't you know-oh. Don't you know? Things will change. Things will go your way. I you hoooooold on for one more day. If you hoooooooold on for one more day. Things will go your way. Hold on for one more day."


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the less attractive more athletic version of Blake Lively? Unless you're of that persuasion or female, then it's the more attractive more athletic version of Blake Lively. Either way, I agree. There may be a battle for #2 in the future. Not that I will be complaining. Any time there are 2 people deserving of #2 or #1, our team and staff are doing something right. Need me some Yuri!


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I hate hate HATE how we are going to have to turn down so many 4-stars.... First world problem, I guess. Once Hoke and his staff realize their true recruiting potential (i.e. next year) I don't think we will be in this situation again, I think this year they didn't expect to do super well so they loaded up on prospects early, plenty of whom were 3 stars. Like I said though, first world problems.

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The coaching staff looks at the players potiential. They could care less how many stars they are. The stars mean nothing, they are only an opinion of some area scout who watched a highlight video or game. The coaches learn the personallity and can measure how much drive the player is. Stars dont mean anything.


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Just out of curiosity, who do you think the coaches wouldn't have taken? Not every player the coaches like is going to get four stars, and no school has all four stars in a class. I think the coaches knew what they were doing.

Recruiting is a gamble like that. You can take player X and risk not having a spot for a better guy, or you can pass on player X and not have a guy as good come February. I'm happy with how the coaches handle it.


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After listening to everything Hoke has said about expectations since day one, how can you think they didn't expect to do so well?  And just look at the discrepancies between the different services to see that there is clearly a lot of wiggle room among probably the top 3 or 4 hundred players.


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I hope Coach Mallory can work some magic on Yuri. While I realize it really doesn't mean anything unless the class turns out well in 4-5 years, it would be nice to pick up Yuri and a few other good recruits to round out our class with a #1 or 2 ranking. It might show the class of 2013 that Michigan is back on the field and on the recruiting trail.